Department of Civil Engineering


The Surveying, Highway and Transportation Engineering Laboratory is equipped with Total stations, theodolites, levels and electronic distance meters and GPS/GIS facilities for comprehensive land surveying and contouring. Furthermore, Benkelman beam, variety of surface roughness/ resistance testing equipment and weight bridges for highway pavement evaluations and all laboratory testing related to bitumen and asphalt are available in this laboratory (Marshall test, penetration, elongation, softening point, flash and fire point).

  • Land surveying and contouring
  • Hydrographic surveying
  • Highway design and analysis
  • Testing of highway pavements and materials
  • Transportation planning and evaluation
  • GIS applications
  • Highway pavement behaviors
  • Pedestrians safety and behaviors
  • Efficiency of transport modes
  • GIS applications for land use changes
  • Land surveying and contouring
  • Conducting traffic surveys and analysis
  • Evaluation of Traffic Impact assessments
  • Transportation planning
  • Highway pavement evaluations and testing
  • Laboratory testing for road construction materials
  • GIS applications
Academic Staff
  • Dr. A.G.H.J. Edirisinghe
  • Dr. I.M.S. Sathyaprasad
  • Dr. (Mrs) H. K. Nandalal
  • Dr. W.M.V.S.K. Wickramasinghe (Lecturer-in-charge)
  • Dr. W.R.S.S. Dharmarathna
Nonacademic Staff
  • Mr. M. Piyal Gamini
  • Mr. P.B. Rajakaruna
  • Mr RMSB Rathnayake
  • Mr. W.H.M.S.B. Herath
  • Mr. R.M.N.I. Rathnayake
  • Mr. R.M.H. Rupassara
  • Mr. P. M. Daminda


Laboratory Telephone number: Mr. M. Piyal Gamini - 081 239 3530

Department of Civil Engineering