Department of Civil Engineering


The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory equipped with wind tunnels, tilting flumes with fixed and movable beds, wave flumes, a towing carriage with tank and facilities for testing scale models, test rigs for testing of pipes, pumps, turbines and fans are primarily used for demonstrating fluid mechanics, hydraulic and hydrologic principles to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for their research activities. Services are also DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING 14 provided to the industry in the areas of physical and mathematical model studies, field measurements and testing work related to water resources development projects.

  • Hydrological modeling of surface & ground water
  • Catchments management & river engineering
  • Water resources systems management and designs
  • Hydraulic equipment testing & calibration
  • Feasibility studies & design of hydro-power, irrigation and water supply systems
  • Feasibility studies, modeling and design of harbors
  • Coastal engineering and Coastal zone management

Workstation 1 (Dell EMC Power edge T440 Server)

Intel Xeon Silver 4110 Processor, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Matrox G200e W3 VGA, Windows Server 2016 O/S

Workstation 2 (Black Box Workstation)

AMD Ryzen 3960x 24 Core Processor Processor, 128 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, Nvidea Ge Force RTX 3060 Ti VGA, Windows 10 O/S

Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus

Digital Hydraulic bench with Friction
loss in a pipe Appratus

Digital Current Meter

Submersible Pump

Single capacity tank
training object

Ultrasonic flow meter

Ultrasonic flow meter (2)

Digital Pressure meter

Digital Thermometer

Digital Weather Station

Handheld GPS

Venturi Meter Apperatus

Digital Manometer

Ultrasonic Open Channel
Flow Meter

Pontoon Apperatus

ECO Sounder
(Sonar Mite system)

Wind tunnels

Flow Visualization Apparatus (Fixed Bed and Movable Bed)

Wave Channel – 1 (12 m long, 0.50 m wide and 0.70 m high) and Wave Generator and Data Acquisition System

Pump Testing Apparatus and Ramp Pump

36 m3 Capacity Overhead Tank

Surge Chamber Apparatus

Open Channel – 1 (6 m long, 0.15 m wide and 0.30 m high)

Open Channel – 4 (10.5 m long, 0.25 m wide and 0.50 m high)

Pipe Flow Apparatus

Pump Unit use for Yield Tests in Tube wells

Universal Pump Test Rig

Open Channel – 2 (12 m long, 0.20 m wide and 0.30 m high)

Open Channel – 1 (6 m long, 0.15 m wide and 0.30 m high)

Catchment Model

Ground Water Flow Apparatus

Open Channel – 4 (10.5 m long, 0.25 m wide and 0.50 m high)

Open Channel – 3 (20 m long, 0.40 m wide and 0.50 m high)

Open Channel – Sediment Transport Studies (10 m long, 0.40 m wide and 0.45 m high)

Pontoon Testing Tank

Seepage Flow Apparatus

Wave Channel – 2 (54 m long, 1.8 m wide and 1.9 m high) and Carriage Way on the Wave Channel

  • Coastal engineering and coastal zone management
  • Wave and harbour processes
  • Wave-structure interaction
  • Tsunami and storm surge hydrodynamic
  • Coastal hazard analysis and assessment
  • Coastal sediment transport and morphological evolution
  • Wave-current boundary layers
  • Flow and sediment dynamics in rivers and channels
  • System dynamics in water resources management
  • Reservoir water quality modeling
  • Flood modeling
  • Application of soft computing techniques in water management
  • Sediment transport with non-uniform sediments
  • Catchment erosion
  • Performance of berm and reef breakwaters
  • Dam safety and Emergency action plan
  • Water/ wastewater treatment
  • Material development for advance water treatment processes
  • Water quality and water safety

With the advent of this Environmental Engineering Laboratory which is affiliated to the top seated university of Sri Lanka, University of Peradeniya, it is opened an avenue not only to research personnel but also to the industry as an independent and high principled analytical service establishment.

  • Testing of pumps
  • Calibration of current meters
  • Model tests for ship building
  • Model tests for aerodynamics
  • Discharge measurements in canals, streams and rivers
  • Yield tests in tube wells
  • Consultancy services for water resources projects
Academic Staff
Nonacademic Staff
  • Mr. N.A.S.C.B. Ekanayake
  • Ms. D.M.A.D. Dasanayake
  • Mr. K.R.N. Abeysinghe
  • Mr. W.C. Warnasuriya
  • Mr. A.M.P.G.S. Ekanayake
  • Mr. M.G.P.K. Hettimulla


Laboratory Telephone number: Mr. N.A.S.C.B. Ekanayake - 081 239 3560, 081-2393562

Department of Civil Engineering