Department of Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering Undergraduate Research Symposium (CEURS)

Civil Engineering Undergraduate Research Symposium (CEURS) enables final year undergraduates to share and disseminate their research findings with the aid of a poster presentation together with an extended abstract of the research.

The proceedings of CEURS comprise the extended abstracts accepted for publication subsequent to review in three main sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering: Water and Environmental Engineering, Materials and Structural Engineering, and Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering.

The research symposium and its proceedings as a publication has given an excellent opportunity for undergraduates to experience the importance of conducting engineering research as well as the art of publishing research for wider dissemination.

The objectives of the CEURS:

To develop students’ skills in research communication
To provide students with opportunities to disseminate their research findings
To further strengthen the research culture in the department of civil engineering

Expected outcomes of the CEURS:

Strengthened skills of research and analysis
Improved writing and oral presentation skills of research among students
Increased interaction among students
Strengthened research culture within the department and the faculty

Department of Civil Engineering