Research Expertise At a Glance

Geotechnical and Surveying
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Dr. A. G. H. J. Edirisinghe Natural disasters, Road traffic accidents
Dr. I. M. S. Sathyaprasad Transportation and traffic planning in small cities, Urban environmental issues, Two-lane highways, Modeling school transport, Low-cost methods in traffic estimation
Dr. L. C. Kurukulasuriya Landfill liner materials, Shear and hydraulic characteristics of ballast, Seepage characteristics of rockfill earth dams, Testing and applications in geosynthetics
Dr. (Mrs) D. de S. Udakara Laboratory testing of soils, Soil stabilization
Dr. A. M. R. G. Athapaththu Slope stability, Landslides, Weathering profiles, Rock slopes, Properties of rocks, Dredged sand
Dr. W. M. V. S. K. Wickramasinghe Pedestrian Behavior analysis, Traffic sysyem simulation, Highway asset managment, Traffic impact assessments
Dr. (Mrs) H. K. Nandalal Application of GIS in Civil Engineering (Watershed management, Transportaion engineering and Highway engineering)
Dr. M. C. M. Nasvi Geopolymers for well cementing application, Geopolymers for soft soil stabilization, Alkali activated geopolymer concrete, Mechanical method of ground improvement
Dr. S. K. Navaratnarajah Transport and Environmental geotechnics, Problematic soils and ground improvement, Stability of geotechnical structures, Numerical methods in geotechnical engineering
Dr. W. R. S. S. Dharmarathna Transportation planning, Discrete choice modeling (mode choice and route choice), Behaviour in networks, Traffic engineering
Materials and Structures
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Prof. P. B. R. Dissanayake Disaster mitigation, Evaluation and seismic retrofitting of structures, Structural health monitoring of structures, Structural optimization, Sustainable built environment
Prof. Kushan Kalmith Wijesundara Force based finite element formulations, Virtual element method, Finite element modelling and analysis of structures for linear and nonlinear behaviour, Developement of direct displacement based desgin philosophy, Computational fluid dynamics and wavelet transformation for structural health monitoring
Prof. C. S. Bandara Metal fatigue and fracture, Damage assessment of structures, Blast effects on structures, Disaster management, Green buildings
Prof. H. D. Yapa Shear behaviour of concrete, Structural retrofitting, Composite materials, Non-linear modelling of concrete
Dr. K. R. B. Herath Structural engineering, Engineering mechanics and engineering materials, Finite element methods, Nano mechanics
Dr. U. I. Dissanayake Steel and Steel-Composite Structures, Cost effective structural systems
Dr. P. B. G. Dissanayake Construction management, Construction planning, Application of earned value management
Dr. (Mrs) S. R. Herath Mechanical properties of materials, Alternative materials for construction, Structural analysis, Design of customized bone implants
Dr. (Mrs) C. K. Pathirana Mechanical properties of materials, Alternative materials for construction, Composite materials
Dr. A. J. Dammika Structural health monitoring, Damping characteristics of structures & materials, Non-destructive testing, Bridge engineering, Steel & Steel-Composite structures
Dr. J. A. S. C. Jayasinghe Earthquake engineering & Structural dynamics, Wind engineering, High-rise building modeling & simulation, Large scale numerical simulation (FEA Simulation), Automated model construction
Dr. H. A. D. Samith Buddika Structural health monitoring, Non-destructive testing, Development of sustainable construction materials, Performance based design and analysis of structures, Precast/Prestressed structural systems
Dr. Chathurani Chandrasiri Chemistry and microstructure of concrete; Nano-technology and application in concrete; Numerical modeling of chemical processes/reaction kinetics of cementitious material; Sustainable concrete materials; Mechanical, durability and rheological performance of concrete; Chemical admixtures for concrete
Dr. Sahan Bandara Structural Health Monitoring, Timber Engineering, Non-destructive Testing and Machine Learning for Structural Health Assessment
Water and Environmental
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Prof. W. M. S. B. Weerakoon Hydraulic modelling, Climate change, Water resources engineering, Hydropower
Prof. J. J. Wijetunge Tsunami and storm surge hydrodynamics, Risk analysis and assessment of coastal hazards
Prof. G. B. B. Herath Water/Wastewater treatment and disposal technology, Solidwaste management, Water quality monitoring
Prof. (Mrs) K. G. N. Nanayakkara Physico-chemical treatment of water/ wastewater, Corrosion, Water quality monitoring/ modelling
Dr. (Mrs) G. M. P. R. Weerakoon Water quality analysis, Wetlands for wastewater treatment
Dr. (Mrs) W. C. T. K. Gunawardana Storm water quality and management, Pollutant sorption by natural materials, Rainwater harvesting, Air pollution
Dr. Lashitha Rathnayake Water quality monitoring, Water and wastewater treatment, Solidwaste management
Dr. Panduka Neluwala Flood prediction and mitigation, Climate change, Weather prediction, Water distribution systems
Dr. (Ms) M. M. G. T. De Silva Hydrological and Hydro-dynamic modelling, Flood management and damage assessment, Climate change
Mr. D. D. Dias Sediment transport (modelling and experiments), Tsunami structure interactions, Flood modelling
Department of Civil Engineering