Department of Civil Engineering


The Geotechnical Laboratory is equipped with facilities to carry out field and laboratory tests in the specialised fields of geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. Field tests include SPT, SCPT, DCPT, Seismic Refraction Test, Resistivity Test and, laboratory tests include Classification Tests, UU, CU and CD Triaxial Tests, Direct Shear Test, Consolidation Test, Compaction Test, CBR test, Permeability Test, Rock Shear Test, LAAV Test, Slake Durability Test, Soundness Test and Determination of Shear Wave Velocity. In addition, the laboratory provides computing services using state of the art software such as FLAC, Geostudio and Plaxis for the numerical analysis of many geotechnical engineering problems. A wide range of consultancy services is offered to the industry in all aspects of geotechnical analysis, design and site investigation.

  • Site investigation & feasibility studies
  • Design of earth structures, foundations
  • Special foundations
  • Slope stabilization
  • Ground improvement techniques
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Model testing
  • Computer aided design and analysis
  • Soil classification and physical tests (Particle size, Atterberg Limits, Specific Gravity, Shrinkage, Insitu density)
  • Shear strength tests: (Direct shear, Triaxial tests (CU,CD,UU))
  • Compressibility & drainage tests: (1D consolidation, compaction, CBR, Permeability)
  • Rock tests: (uniaxial comp./tensile tests, triaxial, LAAV, Absorption, Point load, ultrasonic properties, soundness)
  • Field tests: (Plate load, Vane shear, Static/Dynamic cone Penetration, SPT, Vibration measurements, rock direct shear )
  • Drilling & sampling: (wash boring, rotary drilling, mechanized auger drilling, hollow stem auguring, Soil and Rock sampling using thin walled Piston sampler, Shelby tube, Denison sampler)
  • Geophysical exploration: (resistivity, seismic refraction tests)
  • Field instrumentation & monitoring: (settlement measurements, water level indicators, piezometers, extensometers, GPS instruments)
  • Investigations for landslides, quarries and construction materials

Triaxial Testing Machine

Direct Shear Testing Machine

Automatic Soil Compactor

Field Density Test Set

Consolidation Testing Apparatus

One-chamber diffusion apparatus for soil-gas diffusivity measurements


Point Load Testing Apparatus

Plate load testing

Static Cone Penetration Testing

Rock shear testing

Monitoring movement using extensometers

  • Soil improvement -chemical stabilization
  • Alkali activated Geopolymers as borehole well cement
  • Mechanical integrity of well cement
  • Mechanical method of ground improvement
  • Feasibility of using pozzolanic materials (fly ash, silica fume, etc.) for geotechncial applications
  • Geotechnical characteristics and modelling of municipal solid waste dump sites
  • Shear strength characteristics and degradation of ballast in railroads
  • Use of geomats for reinforcing earth
  • Soil-gas diffusivity measurements and modeling in differently-characterized soils
  • Diffusivity-based characterization of porous media for earth and space-based applications
  • Modeling multiphase transport of multicomponent gases in heterogeneous porous media

With the advent of this Environmental Engineering Laboratory which is affiliated to the top seated university of Sri Lanka, University of Peradeniya, it is opened an avenue not only to research personnel but also to the industry as an independent and high principled analytical service establishment.

  • Laboratory testing of soils and rocks
  • Site investigation
  • Analysis and design of foundations, slopes and retaining structures.
  • Monitoring of slopes
  • Evaluation of proposals
  • Technical assistance for national projects
  • Applicability of washed sand in construction industry: Geotechnical perspectivesojects
Academic Staff
  • Dr. L.C. Kurukulasuriya
  • Dr. (Mrs) D. de S. Udakara
  • Dr. M.C.M. Nasvi (Lecturer-in-charge)
  • Dr. A.M.R.G.Athapaththu
  • Dr. S.K. Navaratnarajah
Nonacademic Staff
  • Mr. A.G.D.L.Wijerathne
  • Ms. N. W. G. R. V. Hathurusinghe
  • Mr.W.M.D.T.Bandara
  • Mr.P.G.I.Lal Bandara
  • Mr. N.L.C.A.K.Nanayakkara
  • Mr. B.G.Jayatissa


Laboratory Telephone number: Mr.A.D.G.L.Wijerathne +94 81 239 3510

Department of Civil Engineering