The perception among some professional engineers that postgraduate courses are for those seeking academic careers has by and large been dispelled, and engineers in the field/industry are increasingly aware of the benefits of such courses to update and advance their knowledge. The Faculty has sought to meet the resultant demand for advanced knowledge by offering appropriately designed postgraduate courses, with combinations of lectures, coursework and research in varying proportions and scope that lead to diplomas/degrees. The courses are available at four levels:

  •    Postgraduate Diploma in an approved field
  •    Degree of Master of the Science of Engineering – MScEng
  •    Degree of Master of Philosophy – MPhil
  •    Degree of Doctor of Philosophy – PhD

The programs are sufficiently flexible in structure to accommodate students with diverse professional backgrounds and varying degrees of financial and time constraints.

  •    Regular full-time graduate students
  •    Regular part-time graduate students
  •    Provisional students
  •    Casual students

All the departments conduct Postgraduate Diploma / MScEng Courses.

The minimum qualifications required for direct admission to postgraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering are listed at:
Further details of postgraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering can be found at
“CERPS – Center for Engineering Research and Postgraduate Studies