Undergraduate Admission

    Admission to the Faculty of Engineering is subjected to the government policy of University admission. At Academic Year 2013/14, 416 students are admitted to the undergraduate degree programme leading to the honours degree of Bachelor of the Science of Engineering (BScEng) at the Faculty.

    The minimum requirements are three passes at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination in the following subjects.

    • Combined Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry

    Selection of students to the Faculty is done by the University Grants Commission on the basis of merit order on the average Z score and district quota system obtained by candidates at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination.

    Student Enrolment

    Maximum numbers of students enrolled to each of the specialization programme in each academic year are given in parenthesis against the programmes. Streaming into fields of specializations is based on student preference as well as performance in the General Programme in Engineering

    Requirements for a Degree

    A student in the General Degree Programme should complete a total of 30 courses to qualify for the degree. This consists of 26 subject courses and 04 foundation courses. In addition, students should also take 04 no-credit English courses. The 26 subject courses of the General Degree Programme consist of 08 courses from each of the three main disciplines, and 02 courses from other disciplines.

    Students enrolled in either a Special Arts Degree or the Degree of Management Studies should take a total of 40 courses. This consists of 04 foundation courses and 36 subject related courses of which 26 must be from the specialized discipline, including two dissertation courses. Some of the subject courses may be compulsory, and Departments of Study may also require students to complete certain prerequisites before following some courses. In addition, students should also take 06 non-credit English courses. The credit and course requirements of different degree programmes of the faculty are given below.

    Course and Credit Requirements for Special and General Degree Programs


    1. The 04 foundation courses must be taken in the two semesters of the first year.
    2. Students must take the prescribed number of courses during the first year.
    3. The minimum number of courses that can be followed by a student per semester is limited to 04 subject courses.
    4. The maximum number of courses that can be taken by a student per semester is limited to 06 subject courses (18 credits)