The aim of the Library Network is to add value to all library and information provision requirements for customers of the University of Peradeniya, and assist in actualizing the mission of the University of Peradeniya.

The present Library Network has evolved into a multi-disciplinary information resource network since its modest beginning in 1921. Apart from the Main Library, which is located in the tallest building in the Faculty of Arts complex, there are five Branch Libraries, namely Agriculture, Engineering, Medical, Science and Veterinary. Medical, inter-linking resources to assist the academia, researchers and student universe. Approximately 800,000 resource items are held in the Network including monographs, periodicals, dissertations, UN publications, and non-print materials. It is the biggest academic library resource collection in Sri Lanka and considered one of the richest in South Asia.

The Main Library focuses on the users of the Arts Faculty, and is the main depository in the fields of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Its Ceylon Collection (33, 387 items) is identified as the finest in the land. The following are some of the library’s noteworthy collections.

  • Legal Deposit Collection: Items Published in Sri Lanka since 1952 received under the Printers and Publications Ordinance of 1885 (Approximately 300 000 items)
  • Special Collections: Collections acquired from individuals (15, 612 items)
  • Palm-Leaf Collection (Approximately 5, 000 items – the second largest collection in Sri Lanka.)
  • Microfilm Collection (approximately 17, 000 items on Sri Lanka)
  • Map Collection (Largest historical map collection in Sri Lanka)
  • Bound Periodical Collection (7, 000 titles)


Offers from The Main Library


  • Lending Services
  • Current Periodical Reading Services
  • Overnight Borrowing Services
  • Inter-Library Loan Services
  • Referral Services
  • Online Services (approximately 7,000 journal titles in Sciences and Social Science)
  • Online Public Access Catalogue Services (approximately 400,000 bibliographic records)


During 2014 the Library Network plans to focus on:


  • Fully automating the operations of the Science and Veterinary Medical Libraries
  • Opening the first Research Division in Social Science and Humanities in the Academic Network
  • Initiating Reference and Education Information Services
  • Expanding the online current journal services

Visit our Library Network: “we are not only open more than usual but also customer friendly.”

The university provides accommodation to about 4,000 undergraduate students in fourteen halls of residence within the campus. Other undergraduates and all postgraduate students are expected to find their own accommodation in the surrounding area and in Kandy. These students are provided information on reasonable-priced private accommodation by the University Accomodation Office.. Generally the university provides accommodation for all female undergraduate students and about 60% of male students within the campus.

Study bedrooms in university halls of residence are shared by two to three students. A student is charged a nominal monthly fee of Rs.40/= as room rent. There are no cooking facilities in the halls of residence. The cafeteria system in the halls of residence provides food to students at a subsidized price. There is a large cafeteria at the faculty, and many students also use the cafeteria at the Students Centre which is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The halls of residence provide their inmates with certain other facilities such as daily newspapers, and access to radios and televisions in the common rooms. Halls are managed by a Warden who is a senior member of the academic staff. He/she is assisted by a Resident Senior Sub-Warden and several Sub-Wardens who also belong to the teaching staff. In addition there are other academic staff members living in halls who assist in hall administration and the maintenance of student welfare.

The university has two guest houses for visitors. One of these is located on the upper slopes of the Hantana Ridge, and the other, called the Gal Bangalawa, is situated in Mahakanda. In addition, the Lady Hill Hostel, too, has some rooms available for visitors. Paying accommodation is also available at the Peradeniya Rest House, but the rates here are comparatively high.

The University Health Service provides medical care to the university community of students, staff and the immediate family members of staff. The Health Centre, which has facilities for in-patient treatment, is open for Out Patient Services from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon and from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM on working days, and from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM during weekends. An emergency service supported by two ambulances is available during all hours.

Students and members of the staff are required to register at the Health Centre by paying a small registration fee before seeking treatment. Patients who need specialized treatment are referred to consultant specialists of the Teaching Hospital at Peradeniya, the Kandy General Hospital, and the Peradeniya University Dental School. If necessary, the Health Centre’s ambulances transport patients to these hospitals. Medical examinations of students and of new recruits to the staff are done at the Health Centre.

Among other services provided by the Health Centre are preventive health services, health education, and environmental health, which includes the monitoring of water and food supplies to the university.

The University Security Service is located in the Arts Faculty premises. This service is headed by a Chief Security Officer under whom a dozen Security Officers and over 100 security personnel work. The security personnel operate regular security patrols in the campus, providing security to students, staff, buildings, and staff quarters. In addition to the main security office, there are security points in each faculty. The security service can be reached during all hours by campus intercom at 2133 or by regular phone at 081 2389182.

The University has a small post office located in the premises of the Faculty of Arts. This office provides basic postal and telegraphic services between 8:00 AM. and 4:00 PM during week days. The delivery of mail to the university, however, is undertaken by the Peradeniya Main Post Office on old Galaha Road. Residential students can receive their mail at their halls of residence. Mail is delivered from Monday to Saturday around 7:00 AM.

The two state owned banks, Bank of Ceylon and Peoples’ Bank, have branches in the university. Both are housed in the ground floor of the Senate Building, adjoining the Faculty of Arts. Bank of Ceylon also has an ATM facility located in the premises.

The Student Centre houses a bookshop, a cooperative sales outlet, and a hair dressing salon. Most grocery items are available in this cooperative sales outlet. There is a bigger cooperative shop with a wider variety of grocery and food items located in the eastern end of the campus on the way to Rajawatte. Many canteens in the halls of residence have items such as toiletry, stationery, tea, and milk powder.

The University internal telephone system provides telephone services to all offices. The intercom is a free service, but it cannot access lines outside the university. There are pay telephones, either coin or card operated, located in many places in the university.