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E/13 Batch - Civil Engineering Projects - 2018

Project No. (C/13/) New Project No. Field of Specialization Tentative Project Title / Research Area Reg.No. Name Supervisor's Name
1 C/13/01 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Examining of Landslide Susceptibility along Roads in Mountainous Terrains Using GIS-based Statistical Models (Co-supervised by Dr.H.K.Nandalal) E/13/419 E/13/418 T. G. P. Udayanga, A.L.A.Channaka Dr.AMRG Athapaththu
2 C/13/02 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Evaluation of the Most Causative Factor for Recent Major Landslides in Sri Lanka E/13/387 E/13/156 G. G. S. Wathsala, T. D. P. Jayashan Dr.AMRG Athapaththu
3 C/13/03 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Variation of Shear Strength Parameters of tropical Weathering Profiles E/13/370 E/13/376 P.Thivakaran, K.Usajikan Dr.AMRG Athapaththu
4 C/13/04 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Comparison of triaxial mechanical behaviour of geopolymer and OPC under down-hole stress conditions: An Experimental and Numerical study E/13/248 E/13/344 T. Panchalingam, K. Sinthulan Dr.MCM Nasvi
5 C/13/05 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Correlation among index properties, compressibility parameters and strength of some Sri Lankan peat soils E/13/045 E/13/341 T. Chenthan, S. Sharuja Dr.MCM Nasvi
6 C/13/06 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Compressibility behaviour of peat reinforced with single and multiple deep soil mixing (DSM) columns formed with cement and fly ash: An Experimental and Numerical study. E/13/278 E/13/128 M. Z. M. Ramzi, M.S. S. Haakeel Dr.MCM Nasvi
7 C/13/07 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Evaporation Dynamics in Texturally Heterogeneous and Variable Saturated Porous Media E/13/150 E/13/014 J. Janusan, R. Anubamaa Dr.DTKK Chamindu
8 C/13/08 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Dissolved Contaminant Transport Dynamics in Differently-Compacted Soils E/13/038 E/13/352 S. Biranavan, S. Sujanthiran Dr.DTKK Chamindu
9 C/13/09 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Improvement of locally available materials using bentonite for use as a liner material of an engineered land fill E/13/178 E/13/288 A. A. Kannangara, R . M . S . Rasnayake Dr.LC Kurukulasuriya
10 C/13/10 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Hydraulic characteristics of ballast subjected to particle degradation using parallel gradation technique E/13/421 E/13/361 K. Milojan, G. Thanushan Dr.LC Kurukulasuriya
11 C/13/11 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Field scale study of to evaluate the performance of a capping material of an engineered landfill. E/13/009 E/13/180 W. P. S. J. Amarasena, J. M. E. P. Karunarathna Dr.LC Kurukulasuriya
12 C/13/12 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Develop a Relationship between degree of saturation and the Strength parameters of a fine grained soil E/13/174 E/13/020 P.R.Kalupahana, H.L.S.Archana S Udakara
13 C/13/13 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Develop computer simulations for geotechnical laboratory experiments E/13/091 E/13/113 E.M.S.C.Ekanayake, R.D.Gunarathna S Udakara
14 C/13/14 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Effect of interface types on railway ballast behavior E/13/126 E/13/127 K.R.C.M. Gunawardhana, M. A. S. P.Gunawardhana Dr.SK Navaratnarajah
15 C/13/15 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Effects of fines contents on shear behavior of railway ballast material E/13/226 E/13/340 N.M.Rimas, N.M.Shahmi Dr.SK Navaratnarajah
16 C/13/16 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Finite element modelling of soft soil stabilised with PVDs E/13/187 E/13/362 K . Keerththanan, K . Thanushan Dr.SK Navaratnarajah
17 C/13/17 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Relationship of AIV with slake durability index of different rock types E/13/005 E/13/408 E/13/165 G.A.S.C.Abeywardhana, H.L.C.M.Wijesinhe, Jayathilake M.G.A.N. Prof.U de S Jayawardena
18 C/13/18 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Modelling Traffic Flow along Four-lane Dual-carriageway Roads in Kandy E/13/208 E/13/223 W . U . A . Lowe, H . S . A . Mendis Dr.IMS Satyaprasad
19 C/13/19 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Study of Spacio-Temporal Trends of Traffic Flows along Selected A-class Roads in Sri Lanka E/13/129 E/13/162 M . M . F . Hafsa, W . P . M . T . Jayathilaka Dr.IMS Satyaprasad
20 C/13/20 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Macroscopic Simulation of the Road Network in Kandy Municipality Area in VISUM to Identify Optimum Route Diversions for Festival Traffic E/13/209 E/13/416 K . L . D . Maduranga, R . G . N . Yasamali Dr.IMS Satyaprasad
21 C/13/21 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Assessing the impact of different weather conditions on Pedestrian Behaviour E/13/312 E/13/308 S.A.D.S.S. Samarasinghe, W.K.U.R.M.O.K. Samarakoon Dr.VS Wickremasinghe
22 C/13/22 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Crossing Pedestrians at Signalized Cross Walks E/13/266 E/13/282 K . A . M . Prasanthika, W.A.G.N.P.R. Ranasinghe Dr.VS Wickremasinghe
23 C/13/23 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Determining the Sidewalk Width by using Pedestrian Discomfort and Movement Characteristics E/13/338 E/13/109 W . H . M . E . D . Senevirathna, G . T . U . S . Gamage Dr.VS Wickremasinghe
24 C/13/24 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Application of GIS to identify vulnerability of roads due to public service centers E/13/173 E/13/114 K . M . C . Kallora, E . G . D . N . Gunarathne Dr.HK Nandalal
25 C/13/25 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Application of GIS to identify vulnerability of roads due to floods. E/13/383 E/13/022 W . G . A . D . Walpitagama, A . D . I . K . Ariyarathne Dr.HK Nandalal
26 C/13/26 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Safety of public transport buses - case study in Kandy E/13/142 E/13/197 M . H . M . P . Hettiarachchi, M . M . S . M . Kumara Dr.AGHJ Edirisinghe
27 C/13/27 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING, TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Pedestrian behavior at grade separated pedestrian facilities in kandy city limits E/13/381 E/13/039 G . I . S . Vithanage, B . A . T . P . Bollegala Dr.AGHJ Edirisinghe
28 C/13/28 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Is alkali-silica reaction a fiction or reality in Sri Lankan structures? A study based on a hydraulic structure. E/13/184 E/13/301 K.Keerthana, A.Roybanuchandar Mr.H.Abeyruwan
29 C/13/29 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Design of self-compacting concrete (SCC) with minimized segregation E/13/260 E/13/325 M. Pirusanth, M. Sathujan Mr.H.Abeyruwan
30 C/13/30 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Seismic Design and Analysis of Self-centering Post-tensioned Hybrid Precast Concrete Walls E/13/414 E/13/255 I.G.M.D.D.Wimaladeera, I.A.K.T.Perera Dr.HADS Buddhika
31 C/13/31 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Seismic Pounding Analysis of Multi-story Reinforced Concrete Buildings E/13/245 E/13/111 P . L . L .T . Padmasiri, M . A . A . Gayan Dr.HADS Buddhika
32 C/13/32 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Post-fire Performance of Concrete Structural Members E/13/321, E/13/269 K .K .D . T . Sankalpa, G . P . W . Priyadarshana Dr.HADS Buddhika
33 C/13/33 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Effect of relative stiffness on moment redistribution in reinforced high-strength concrete beams E/13/096, E/13/007 M . H . M . Fatheen, M. A. S. Ahamad Dr.HD Yapa
34 C/13/34 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Effect of temperature on the strength development of mortar mixes with GGBS and fly ash E/13/235 E/13/378 M .S . M . Najas, T. Vaseekaran Dr.HD Yapa
35 C/13/35 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Development of Consistent Mass-Spring Models (CMSMs) for Seismic Response Analysis of Civil Structures. E/13/035 E/13/350 R.M.D.C.N.Bandara, D.U.Sirilal Dr. J. A. S. C. Jayasinghe
38 C/13/36 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Low cycle fatigue of steel reinforcement bars E/13/199 E/13/423 W.P.M.Kumara, P.A.I.Sandaruwan Dr.C.S.Bandara
39 C/13/37 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Relationship between crack tip blunting and ductility of steel E/13/189 E/13/322 K.Ketheswaran, S.Santhosan Dr.C.S.Bandara
40 C/13/38 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Evaluation procedure for gusset plates of metal bridges E/13/406, E/13/353 S.R.M.D.D.S.Wijesekara, D.M.M.D.S.Sumanasiri Dr.C.S.Bandara
41 C/13/39 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of the behaviour of steel-concrete composite girders E/13/153 E/13/094 J . A . N . N . Jayakody, H . M . R . Eranga Dr.A.J.Dhammika
42 C/13/40 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Damping change-based damage detection of PC bridges E/13/371, E/13/015 T.K.G.K.Thiyabarawatha, G.A.J.Anupama Dr.A.J.Dhammika
43 C/13/41 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Smart nano structures E/13/405 E/13/065 D.M.C.V.Wijerathne, G.T.V.Dikkumbura Dr.KRB Herath
44 C/13/42 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Diagrids in high-rises E/13/145 E/13/327 A.M.S.M.N. Indeewari, I . M . K . S . Senadheera Dr.KRB Herath
45 C/13/43 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Shape Effects of Wind Induced Response on Tall Buildings Using Computational Fluid Dynamics E/13/080 E/13/306 H. M. C. B. Dissanayake, S. M. L. M. Samarakoon Dr.K.K.Wijesundara
46 C/13/44 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing Phenomena in Ground Supported Water Tanks under Earthquake Loading E/13/016 E/13/017 L. L. Anuradha, W. A. C. Anuranga Dr.K.K.Wijesundara
47 C/13/45 MATERIAL AND STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Prediction of Post Buckling Behaviour and Failure of Rectangular Hollow Section Braces in Steel Concentric Braced Frame �Structures E/13/230 E/13/236 A. R. M. Murshid, M. A. A. Nasmi Dr.K.K.Wijesundara
48 C/13/46 CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Performance Management in Construction Projects E/13/318 E/13/205 W . P . G . C . Sandaruwan, K . L . S . C . Liyanage Dr.PBG Dissanayake
49 C/13/47 CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Application of Green technology in the Construction Industry E/13/336 E/13/334 P. A. E. Senevirathna, W . M . S . Senavirathna Dr.PBG Dissanayake
50 C/13/48 CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Development of a model on Land-Use Planning based on the concept of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD): A case study of Meewatura E/13/291 E/13/373 R.M.T.Rathnayake, G.A.M.A.S.B. Udapitiya Ms.KKK Sylva
51 C/13/49 CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Development of a model on Land-Use Planning based on the concept of Business-Improvement District (BID): A case study of Iriyagama E/13/071 E/13/241 D.D.J.K.Dissanayake, W.V.N.Niroshana Ms.KKK Sylva
52 C/13/50 CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Identification and analysis of factors affecting safety on construction sites E/13/275 E/13/273 R.P.S.Rajapakshe, R.H.M.K.M.B.Rajakaruna Dr.SB Wijekoon (Co-supervised by Mr.S.M.Dissanayake)
53 C/13/51 CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Assessment of risks in construction schedules E/13/388 E/13/417 M.P.Wattegedera, R.P.N.R.Karunarathna Dr.SB Wijekoon (Co-supervised by Mr.S.M.Dissanayake)
54 C/13/52 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Effect of ocean bathymetry on coastal impact of storm surges. E/13/299 E/13/310 R . M . T . Ravindika, H . C. Samaranayake Prof.JJ Wijethunge
55 C/13/53 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Effect of ocean surface waves on the coastal impact of storm surges in the north and east coasts of Sri Lanka. E/13/083 E/13/342 T.Dushyanka, S.Shulukson Prof.JJ Wijethunge
56 C/13/54 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Effect of ocean surface waves on the coastal impact of storm surges in the south and west coasts of Sri Lanka. E/13/252 E/13/164 B.A.I.M.Perera, D.A.N.Jayathilake Prof.JJ Wijethunge
57 C/13/55 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING River Flow Forecasting Model for Kalu Ganga E/13/086 E/13/117 E . M . N . T . Edirisooriya, K.A.C.K.H. Gunasekara Prof.KDW Nandalal
58 C/13/56 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Flood Damage Reduction: Ratnapura Municipality Area E/13/333 E/13/227 K.H.M.R.N. Senavirathna, D.M.A.K.R. Munasinghe Prof.KDW Nandalal
64 C/13/57 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Mathematical modelling of channelization process observed in coastal environments E/13/294 E/13/024 R.M.H.S. Rathnayake, A.M.S.J. Aththanayake Mr.D.D.Dias
65 C/13/58 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Comparison of mathematically modelled cyclic step shape bed forms with and without incorporating the wave entrainment impact. E/13/345 E/13/138 S.D.Sirithunga, H.M.F.N.Herath Mr.D.D.Dias
66 C/13/59 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Efficient gap filling of hydrological data E/13/242 E/13/076 T.A.R.Niroshani, D.M.T.D.Dissanayake Dr.D.Karunasinghe
67 C/13/60 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Performance of floating breakwaters E/13/131 E/13/134 A . W . B . K . Harshanie, K . R . U . H . Hemachandra Prof.K.P.P.Pathirana
68 C/13/61 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Characteristics of hydraulic jumps in expanding channels E/13/359 E/13/404 R . P . D . S . Thaksaranee, W . S . P . Wijendra Prof.K.P.P.Pathirana
69 C/13/62 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Two-dimenesional flow modelling of flow in a fish ladder E/13/002 E/13/393 W . M . L . K . Abeyratne, P . S . Weerasinghe Prof.S.B.Weerakoon
70 C/13/63 WATER AND HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING 2-D hydrodynamic modelling of flow in a reservoir with different flow releasing mechanisms for sedimet evacuation E/13/392 E/13/121 H . P . D . A . Weerasinghe, A . R . P . Gunasinghe Prof.S.B.Weerakoon
71 C/13/64 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Biological Wastewater Treatment E/13/034 E/13/030 N . B . I . M . N . Bandara, D . M . L . M . Bandara Dr.S.Jinadasa
72 C/13/65 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Industrial Wastewater Treatment E/13/001 E/13/003 W . K . N . L . Abeykoon, A . A . S . E . Abeysinghe Dr.S.Jinadasa
73 C/13/66 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Lechate treatment by a combined pond, wetland, permeable reactive barrier system E/13/021 E/13/012 P . D . N . M . Ariyadasa, H . A . H . S . Amukotuwa Dr.G.B.B.Herath
74 C/13/67 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Coconut based waste treatment E/13/112 E/13/105 P.Gowshigesan, K.Gajanan Dr.G.B.B.Herath
75 C/13/68 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Establishing water consumption pattern in Kandy E/13/407 E/13/422 W.M.D.L.V.Wijesinghe, A.G.H.Gayan Dr.G.B.B.Herath
76 C/13/69 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment E/13/026 E/13/049 A.M.N.D.Aththanayake, D.A.Y.A.Dasanayake Ms. P.Weerakoon
59 C/13/70 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Developing adsorbant materials to remove contaminants from polluted water. E/13/261 E/13/413 L .M .S .D . Pitawala, H . M . P . Wijeyawardana Dr.KGN Nanayakkara
60 C/13/71 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Water quality analysis of surface drinking water sources in Anuradhapura district. E/13/369 E/13/331 D . G .L .C . Thilakarathna, B . W . H . R . Senarathne Dr.KGN Nanayakkara
61 C/13/72 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Electrocoagulation for pollutant removal from wastewater E/13/146 E/13/218 R . Inthushan, M.A.C.R. Mallikaarachchi Dr.KGN Nanayakkara
62 C/13/73 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Use of plastic waste in road construction E/13/354 E/13/100 H . M . C . M . Sumathipala, M . H . Y . K . Fernando Dr.L.Ratnayake
63 C/13/74 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Removal of Fluoride in drinking water using locally available materials E/13/093 E/13/046 W . A . T . L . Elapatha, W . V . L . Chinthaka Dr.L.Ratnayake
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