Department of Civil Engineering

Construction Planning - CE593

Credits : 2

Prerequisites : MA201

Compulsory/Optional : Optional

To introduce project planning principles needed to carryout project planning and resource allocation / resource leveling in the preparation project schedules for a construction project.
Intended Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the course, the students should be able to;

  1. Apply critical path method for a construction project.
  2. Plan resources allocation, resource leveling, network crashing for a civil engineering project.
  3. Prepare a project schedule for a real-life building construction project manually and using project planning software.
  4. Apply optimization techniques in construction projects manually and using computer software.
Course content/Course description
  1. Advanced planning techniques and resource analysis: Principals of project planning and scheduling, critical path analysis, precedence diagrams, program evaluation and review technique, linear scheduling techniques, allocation of resources and resource leveling, network crashing, construction planning process, project progress and monitoring and cost control, carryout a critical path analysis manually for a real-life building project
  2. Optimization techniques: Application of optimization techniques in construction projects, linear programming, solving linear programming problems by graphical and computer methods, simplex method, transportation problem, assignment problems, computer applications in optimization
  3. Computer applications in project planning
  4. Introduction to project planning software, prepare the project schedule using a project planning software for the real-life project
Recommended Texts
  1. Taylor, J 2007, Project Scheduling and Cost Control: Planning, Monitoring and Controlling - Planning Monitoring and Controlling the Baseline, J. Ross Publishing
Time Allocation Hours
Lectures 17
Tutorials 03
Practical -
Assignments/Project 20
Assessment Percentage Marks
Assignments/Quizzes/Planning Project 40
End-semester 60

Department of Civil Engineering