Department of Civil Engineering

Hydraulic Structures - CE542

Credits : 2

Prerequisites : CE311

Compulsory/Optional : Optional

To introduce hydraulic structures used in water resources development and management, coastal zone management and harbours, and to provide knowledge on their selection and design.
Intended Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the course, the students should be able to;

  1. Explain the purposes of different types of hydraulic structures and to select appropriate structures for given application based on technical, economic and environmental feasibility.
  2. Carry out hydraulic analysis and to provide conceptual designs of appropriate structural components of hydraulic structures.
  3. Plan and monitor safety aspects of hydraulic structures.
Course content/Course description
  1. Dams and outlet works: Loads, types, site selection, design flood, sluices, spillways, intakes, fish passes, energy dissipaters, gates and valves, instrumentation on monitoring and safety
  2. Diversion and water conveyance structures: Weirs and barrages, tunnels, canals, flumes, cross drainage, measuring structures, transitions, siphons, aqueducts, drop structures, irrigation distribution systems; turn-outs, distribution canals
  3. Storm water drainage: Urban storm water drainage systems, modeling of storm water networks, culverts
  4. Coastal and harbor structures: Groynes, revetments, sea walls, off-shore breakwaters, harbour structures
Recommended Texts
  1. Novak, P, Moffat, AIB, Nalluri, C & Narayanan, R 2006, Hydraulic Structures, 4th edn, CRC Press.
  2. Garg, SK 2005, Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures, 19th edn, Khanna Publishers.
  3. Tanchev, L 2014, Dams and Appurtenant Hydraulic Structures, 2nd edn, CRC Press.
Time Allocation Hours
Lectures 27
Tutorials 02
Practical -
Assignments 02
Assessment Percentage Marks
Tutorials/Quizzes/Assignments 40
End-semester 60

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