Department of Civil Engineering

Traffic Management - CE534

Credits : 2

Prerequisites : CE318

Compulsory/Optional : Optional

To introduce travel demand management (TDM) and traffic management techniques so that students will be able to design appropriate TDM measures and traffic management techniques for a given situation.
Intended Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the course, the students should be able to;

  1. Demonstrate how TDM measures are used to manage travel demand.
  2. Design suitable traffic management systems for urban and local environments.
  3. Apply knowledge of TDM and traffic management techniques to manage traffic in a given locality.
Course content/Course description
  1. Causes of urban traffic congestion: Congestion costing
  2. Introduction to travel demand management: TDM techniques, peak spreading, flexible work schedules, telecommuting
  3. Traffic management: Traffic management techniques, traffic restraints, area-wide traffic control
  4. Electronic road pricing, ITS applications in traffic management
  5. Parking management: Parking restraints
  6. Traffic safety: Traffic calming, school zones, accessibility for elderly and disabled
  7. Case studies in travel demand management and urban traffic management
Time Allocation Hours
Lectures 22
Tutorials 02
Case Study 12
Assignments -
Assessment Percentage Marks
Tutorial/Quizzes/Case Study 40
End-semester 60

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