Department of Civil Engineering

Design of Structures II - CE312

Credits : 3

Prerequisites : CE308

Compulsory/Optional : Compulsory

To teach basics of reinforced concrete design so that the students use this knowledge when they design low-rise reinforced concrete frame buildings.
Intended Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the course, the students should be able to;

  1. Discuss the limit state design principles
  2. Explain the behaviour of reinforced concrete material.
  3. Analyse sub-frames for vertical and lateral loading.
  4. Design reinforced concrete beams, slabs, columns and foundations conforming to a standard code of practice.
  5. Produce design information in the form of detailed drawings and specifications.
  6. Design water-retaining structures conforming to a standard code of practice.
Course content/Course description
  1. Mechanical properties of concrete and reinforcement: strength, constitutive relationships
  2. Limit states, durability, fire resistance and other prime considerations; partial factors of safety; loading, load transfer paths, critical loading arrangements
  3. Elastic behaviour of uncracked and cracked reinforced concrete beams, tension stiffening; serviceability considerations such as deflection and crack width
  4. Collapse of reinforced concrete structural elements: modes of collapse
  5. Unbraced frames and braced frames; analysis of sub-frames, redistribution of moments
  6. Design of reinforced concrete structural elements: slab, beam, column, and footing; application of codes of practice; robustness of structures
  7. Design of a reinforced concrete multi-storey building
  8. Application of draughting software for reinforced concrete structural drawings
  9. Extension of reinforced concrete design and detailing concepts for water-retaining structure applications; codes of practice
  10. Design of a reinforced concrete water-retaining structure
Recommended Texts
  1. Beeby, AW and Narayanan, RS 1995, Designers’s Handbook to Eurocode 2, Part 1.1: Design of Concrete Structures, Thomas Telford.
  2. Mosley, B Bungey, J and Hulse, R 2007, Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocode 2, 6th edn, Palgrave Macmillan.
  3. EN 1992-1-1:2004, Design of Concrete Structures – Part 1-1: General Rules and Rules for Buildings.
Time Allocation Hours
Lectures 29
Tutorials 01
Practical -
Assignments 30
Assessment Percentage Marks
Assignments/Quizzes 20
Mid Semester Examination 20
End-semester 60

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