Department of Civil Engineering

Engineering Surveying - CE210

Credits : 3

Prerequisites : -

Compulsory/Optional : Compulsory

To introduce basic concepts used in performing an engineering survey, identify errors on observations, calculation based on field data, and prepare maps, impart knowledge on surveying on special conditions and advanced surveying techniques.
Intended Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the course, the students should be able to;

  1. Plan and perform land and levelling surveys.
  2. Interpret survey maps and calculate areas, volumes, and setting out details for engineering applications.
  3. Perform engineering surveys in special conditions such as hydrographic surveys, underground surveys etc.
  4. Apply advanced surveying techniques such as GPS, remote sensing for engineering purposes.
Course content/Course description
  1. Plane surveying: Chain surveying, traversing, use of total station for measurements
  2. Levelling: Control levelling, detailed levelling, contouring, trigonometrically levelling, stadia hair (tacheometry) levelling, cross sections, longitudinal sections, area and volume calculations
  3. Setting out: Horizontal control, vertical control, field information, checking and precision of measurements
  4. Surveying in special conditions: Hydrographic surveys, introduction to underground surveys
  5. Geodetic surveying: Triangulation, triangulation adjustments (theory of errors), control surveys, explaining applications of geodetic surveying
  6. Advanced surveying techniques and applications Photogrammetry, interpretation of GIS maps and satellite images, use of imagery for surveying, use of GPS data for surveying and its applications
Recommended Texts
  1. Bannister, A, Raymond, S & Baker R 1992, Surveying, Longman Scientific & Technical.
  2. Schofield, W & Breach, M 2007, Engineering Surveying, 6th edn, Technology & Engineering.
Time Allocation Hours
Lectures 28
Tutorials 2
Practical 30
Assignments -
Assessment Percentage Marks
Tutorials/Fieldwork/Quizzes 30
Mid Semester Examination 20
End-semester 50

Department of Civil Engineering