Department of Civil Engineering

Structural Analysis - CE208

Credits : 3

Prerequisites : CE201

Compulsory/Optional : Compulsory

To idealize structures and analyse for internal forces, deflections and support reactions, and to identify failure mechanisms.
Intended Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the course, the students should be able to;

  1. Identify different forms of structures and support conditions, and convert the real structure to an idealized structure.
  2. Explain load-path and behaviour of structures subjected to external loads.
  3. Analyse statically determinate and indeterminate structures using classical methods; draw bending moment, shear force & axial force diagrams and deflected shapes.
  4. Evaluate collapse loads of structures.
Course content/Course description
  1. Introduction to modelling concept for structural analysis: Definition of a structure; Idealization of a structure: joints, members, support conditions and loading conditions; calculation of internal forces; free body diagrams and reactions
  2. Identification of the degree of static indeterminacy of structures and check for stability
  3. Analysis of statically determinate structures: Trusses, frames, three pin arches and unstiffened suspension cables
  4. Combined effect of bending and axial forces
  5. Development of influence lines for statically determinate structures, Muller-Breslau principle
  6. Calculation of deflection of statically determinate structures: principle of virtual work, Castigliano’s theorems and reciprocal theorem
  7. Identification of the degree of kinematic indeterminacy of structures
  8. Analysis of statically indeterminate structures: Force methods, three moment equation, displacement methods, slope deflection method, moment distribution method
  9. Introduction to plastic analysis of beam and frame structures
Recommended Texts
  1. Hibbeler, RC 2005, Structural Analysis, 5th edn, Prentice Hall.
  2. Kassimali, A 2009, Structural Analysis, 4th edn, Cengage Learning.
  3. Schodek, DL 2013, Structures, 7th edn, Pearson Education.
Time Allocation Hours
Lectures 38
Tutorials 7
Practical -
Assignments -
Assessment Percentage Marks
Tutorials/Quizzes 15
Mid Semester Examination 25
End-semester 60

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