Department of Civil Engineering

Engineering Mechanics - GP110

Credits : 3

Prerequisites : None

Remarks : Amended 2003 January

Course Content Time Allocated

(Clock Hours)

Force systems: Forces and couples; equilibrium of rigid body. 2 1 - -
Analysis of simple structures: structures and components; loads and supports; internal and external forces; free-body diagrams; statically determinate structures; analysis of trusses; beams and shear force and bending moment diagrams; stress and strain; Hooke’s law, and deformation of axially loaded members; statically indeterminate problems. 5 2 - -
Work and energy methods: work due to forces and couples; virtual displacements and virtual work; strain energy and potential energy; energy principles. /td> 2 1 - -
Inertial properties of plane and three-dimensional objects: first moment and centroid; second moment and moment of inertia; polar moment of inertia; product of inertia; translation and rotation of axes, parallel axis theorem, principal axes and principal moments of inertia; composite bodies. 2 1 - -
Fluid pressure: fluids in equilibrium; fluid pressure; pressure variation in constant and variable density media including the atmosphere; measurement of pressure. 4 1 - -
Fluid statics: forces on plane surfaces; forces on curved surfaces; buoyancy; stability of floating bodies. 3 1 - -
Particle kinematics: position, displacement, velocity and acceleration vectors in rectilinear and non-rectilinear motion; representation in Cartesian, polar and intrinsic co-ordinate systems; application to simple curvilinear motion. 2 1 - -
Planer rigid-body kinematics: translation and rotation; relative motion; instantaneous centre of rotation; application to simple mechanisms; velocity and acceleration diagrams. 3 1 - -
Particle kinetics: Newton’s laws of motion; momentum and impulse relationship; work and energy relationship. 2 1 - -
Linear rigid-body kinetics: equation of motion; D’Alembert’s principle; momentum and impulse relationship; work and energy relationship. 3 1 - -
Laboratory work: 4x3 hour classes. - - 12 -
Total 28 11 12 -
Assessment Percentage Marks
Continuous Assessment - 20
Assignments 10 -
Coursework 10 -
Written Examinations - 80
Mid - Semester 20 -
End - Semester 60 -

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