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Some of the completed postgraduate research leading to PhD, MPhil, MScEng/MSc degrees and PG Diploma in the Department of Civil Engineering are listed below. Copies of theses are available in the Engineering Library and Main Library

Recently completed Postgraduate research

Title Degree Year of Completion Name Supervisor
Disaster Risk Assessment and Development of a Mitigations Strategy for Cyclone Induced Storm Surge Hazard for Sri Lanka MPhil 2015 Ms. Marasinghe, C.K. Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Structural Health Monitoring of Concrete Structures Using Ground Penetration Radar MPhil 2015 Mr. Karunanayake, K.T.S. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
Property damages caused by lightning and its impact on Sri Lanka Economy MSc 2014 Mr. Wijekoon, A.W.M.B. Dr. M.A.R.M. Fernando
A case study on effect of geometric features on occurrence of road traffic accidents MSc 2014 Mr. Kiriella, K.G.D. Dr. V.S.K. Wickramasinghe
Seismic Assessment of School Buildings in Sri Lanka MSc 2014 Mr. Marasinghe, M.M.J.K. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
Comparison of Train Induced Vibration of Two Old Wrought Iron Lattice Girder Bridges MSc 2014 Mr. Jayanath, H.G.M. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
Risk Management Plan (Water safety plan) using HACCP technique for Udawalawa water supply scheme MSc 2014 Mr. Amarasena, N.A.L. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Treatment of Lechate from Municipal Solidwaste Landfills Using Sequencing Batch Rector MSc 2014 Mr. Senaratne, S.M.A.L. Dr. K.B.S.N. Jinadasa
Stresses in some ancient Stupas of Sri Lanka MSc 2014 Mr. Dissanayake, D.M.C.J. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
Prediction of Heat Development in Concrete Using Semi-Adiabatic Temperature Measurements MSc 2014 Mr. Wasala, W.M.T.D. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
Modeling of a Y Junction of a Super Carbon Nanostructure for the use of Finite Element Analysis MSc 2014 Mr. Withanage, K.R. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
A Structural Study of Vatadages of Sri Lanka MSc 2014 Mr. Priyadarshana, K.S.M.R. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
A Study of Effect of Plinth Level Beams on the Reduction of Differential settlement PGDip 2014 Mr. Jayatilaka, W.S. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
Seismic Evaluation of Bridges PGDip 2014 Mr. Rajapakasa, R.M.T. Dr. U.I. Dissanayake
Investigations into Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete Structures PhD 2013 Ms. Pathirana, C.K. Dr. A.P.N. Somarathna
Comparative Studies to Adapt for Floods in Kelani River Basin Due to Climatic Change in Sri Lanka MPhil 2013 Ms. De Silva, M.M.G.T. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Adaptation Measures to Sustain the Rice Production in Kurunegala District Under the Impacts of Climate Change MPhil 2013 Mr. Dharmarathna, W.R.S.S. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Analysis of drag force characteristics of trees used as bio shield against tsunami MPhil 2013 Mr. Karunaratne, W.M.S.S. Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Introduction of Suitable Remedies to Stabilize Unstable Cutslopes MSc 2013 Mr. Bandara, R.M.S. Prof. U. de S. Jayawardena
Field Testing of a Temperature Predicting Model for Mass Concrete Elements MSc 2013 Mr. Ekanayake, E.M.A.G.P. Dr. A.P.N. Somarathna
Finite Element Modelling of Victoria Dam with Underlying Rock MSc 2013 Mr. Kotagama, K.M.H.K. Dr. A.P.N. Somarathna
Strategic approach for equitable efficient and sustainable utilizations of water for gravity irrigation project MSc 2013 Mr. Wickremethilake, K.M.P.M. Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Strategic decision support for resolving conflict existing in Per-Aru river basin located in Vavuniya District MSc 2013 Ms. Ganeshanathan, A. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Caused for road traffic accidents- Study with special reference to Kurunegala police division MSc 2013 Mr. Dissanayaake, D.M.C.P.K. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Geotechnical Analysis for the Factor of Safety in Economic Design of a Shallow Foundation MSc 2013 Mr. Swampille, A.D. Dr. D. de S. Udakara
Modeling of Flow and Sediment Dynamics at Water Intake PGDip 2013 Mr. Bokalamulla, T.R.S.B. Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Criteria for the selection of dimensions for minimization of structural cost of reinforced concrete prismatic ground reservoirs with square plan MSc 2012 Mr. Suthakaran, T. Mr. H. Abeyruwan
Study of statistical estimation of wind speeds with available wind data in the meteorological department of Sri Lanka MSc 2012 Mr. Peiris, D.L.T.R Dr. A.P.N. Somarathna
Suitability of Crusher Dust as Replacement Material for River Sand In Construction Industry in Sri Lanka MSc 2012 Mr. Dissanayake, D.M.S. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Geological Study on Slope Instability of the Area Around Kotmale Reservoir MSc 2012 Mr. Somaratna, R.M.B. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Estimation of rate of sedimentation in MoolOya impound intake based on intensities of rainfalls MSc 2012 Mr. IndikaJayasekera, V.P. Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Sustainability issues of community water supply projects implemented in Kegalle District under the Rural Water Policy of Sri Lanka MSc 2012 Mr. Piyasena, H.R.S.N Prof. G.B.B.Herath
Flood Risk Management incorporating Stakeholder Participation and Climate Variability PhD 2011 Ms. Nandalal, H.K. Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Blast Effects on Reinforced Concrete Elements-Conventional Design Versus Blast Resistant Design for Cantilever Slabs MSc 2011 Mr. Bandara, A.M.C.S. Prof. P.B.R. Dissanayake
Effectiveness of Anaerobic filters for treating septic tank effluent for public toilet treatment system MSc 2011 Mr. Dasanayaka, D.M.S.S. Prof. G.B.B. Herath
Comparison of the cost-effectiveness of different configurations of reinforced concrete slabs MSc 2011 Mr. Dasanayaka, T.G.N.H. Mr. H. Abeyruwan
Seasonal Irrigation Planning for Inginimitiya Scheme MSc 2011 Mr. Gnanadasa, W.G. Dr. U.R. Rathnayake
Strength and Stiffness of Supercarbon Nanotubes and Supergraphenes MSc 2011 Ms. Gunatilake, P.A.G. Dr.(Ms) S.R. Herath
Seepage Analysis with Bund Sections and Material Properties of some Existing Ancient Dams in Kurunegala District in North Western Province MSc 2011 Mr. Liyanage, R.N. Dr. A.L.M. Mauroof
Evaluation of Structural Mitigation Proposals available for the Kalu Ganga River Basin in Reducing Flood Hazards in the Ratnapura District MSc 2011 Mr. Dhammith, M.A.A. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Numerical modeling of storm surge scenario for the North and East coasts of Sri Lanka PGDip 2011 Mr. Preemal, M.G.S.C Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Development of a flood prediction model for the Nilwala watershed in southern Sri Lanka MSc 2010 Mr. Sachindra, D.A. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Evaluation of Current Estimation System in Major Construction Organizations in Sri Lanka PGDip 2010 Mr. Wimalaweera, G.R.R. Mr. S.B. Wijekoon
Risk Management in Construction Projects in Sri Lanka MPhil 2009 Ms. Mirzaei, M. Dr. I.M.S. Sathyaprasad
Seismic Effects on Concrete Gravity Dams MSc 2009 Mr. Perera, J.U.S. Dr. A.P.N. Somarathna
Experimental Study of Critical Depth of Submergence for Penstock Intake in a Forebay Tank MSc 2009 Mr. Punchinilame, M.B.B.P Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
A critical Analysis of the community based Tsunami early warning system in Peraliya, Sri Lanka MSc 2009 Mr. Saja, A.M.A. Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Study on the community perception of causes of floods and possible mitigation measures at Kirindiwita in Gampaha MSc 2009 Mr. Weerasekaralage, L.S.S.K. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Cost Optimization of Channel Section for Small Hydro Power Projects PGDip 2009 Mr. Vithanage, I.C.B. Dr. A.P.N. Somarathna
Scouring of Foundations of buildings and Bridges Due to Tsunami & Storm Surges and Possible Mitigation Measures MSc 2008 Mr. Bandara, R.M.K.R Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
A Model for Predicting Sand Nourishment Frequency in Straight Beaches MSc 2008 Ms. Dissanayake, A.L. Prof. K.P.P.Pathirana
Performance Evaluation of Existing Iron Removal Filters and Optimisation of Iron Removal from Groundwater in Existing Water Treatment Plants MSc 2008 Mr. Thilakarathna, G.M. Dr. I.B. Werellagama
Direct Damage Assessment Due to flooding in Katugastota Urban Area MSc 2008 Mr. SeneviratnaBanda, B.W.M.W. Dr. U.R. Rathnayakae
Application of Ferrocement in Earth Retention Systems MSc 2008 Mr. Pathirana, H.P.K.S Dr. A.L.M. Mauroof
Prediction of Tsunami Heights along the coastal Belt of Sri Lanka PGDip 2008 Ms. Gunawardena, C.T.K. Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Bed Load Transport in Unsteady Flow MPhil 2007 Mr. Ranasinghe, P.C. Prof. K.P.P.Pathirana
Optimal Effectiveness of Solar Still for Producing Drinking Water and possible improvements MSc 2007 Ms. Jayasena, D.P.K. Dr. I.B. Werellagama
Modelling of flow of the Mahaweli River near Udunuwara-Yatinuwara Water Supply Intake MSc 2007 Ms. Karunanayake, K.H.S.S. Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Effect of bed roughness and rigid stem vegetal drag on flood plain flows MSc 2007 Mr. Rathnadiwakara, D.G. Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Empirical modeling of wave run-up over smooth and rough slopes MSc 2007 Mr. Rukshehan, S.D. Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Upgrading of the Existing Sedimentation tank at Hemmathagama Water Supply Scheme MSc 2007 Mr. Wijesinghe, L. Dr. I.B. Werellagama
Optimal Operation of Kalawewa Reservoir using Genetic Algorithm based Model MSc 2007 Mr. Wijekoon, M.M.J.S Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Setting up of an experimental basin and development of a cell-based model to derive direct runoff hydrographs for ungauged basins MPhil 2006 Mr. Hunukumbura, J.M.P.B Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Stress-Strain behavior of a Sri Lankan Residual Soil MPhil 2006 Mr. Fowze, J.S.M. Prof. C.N. Senevirathna
Effect to shallow Water Conditions on Wave Run-up over Smooth and Rough Impermeable Sloping Structures MPhil 2005 Mr. Peiris, D.A. Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Mitigation of Landslide Hazards on Sri Lankan Highways MPhil 2005 Mr. Padmakumara, N.I. Dr. J. Edirisinghe
Source Identification and Pollution Assessment in Tributaries of Mahaweli River Around Kandy City MPhil 2005 Ms.Wijekoon,W.B.M.M.W. Prof. G.B.B.Herath
Water Productivity Improvement in Mahaweli Irrigation Systems- A Case Study of the System H MSc 2005 Mr. Ranasinghe, H.M. Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Wave run-up over rubble-mound coastal structures with emphasis on the effect of under-layer permeability MSc 2005 Mr. Sampath, D.M.R. Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Service Life Prediction of Bridges Using Structural Reliability Theory MPhil 2004 Mr. Karunananda, P.A.K. Prof. M.P. Ranaweera
Development of Low Cost Removal Methodology of Arsenic from Potable Waters MPhil 2004 Ms. Ranasinghe, R.M.S.C. Dr. I.B. Werellagama
Fatigue life prediction of existing bridges MPhil 2004 Mr. Siriwardena, S.A.S.C. Prof. M.P. Ranaweera
Redressing Potholes on Sri Lankan Roads Using Stabilization MSc 2004 Ms. Gunathilaka, T.S. Prof. S.B.S. Abayakoon
Evaluation of Labour Productivity in Construction Projects MSc 2004 Ms. Wijeratna, S.W.M.S.S.K. Dr. K.R.B.Herath
Hydraulic Model investigation on the improvement of University water Intake MSc 2004 Mr. Abu Ubaiddha, S. Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Water scarcity and Management in Menik Ganga River Basin MSc 2004 Mr. Liyanage, R.S. Prof. K.D.W. Nandalal
Assessment of Delays due to Equipment Breakdowns in Irrigation Rehabilitation and Road Construction Projects MSc 2004 Mr. Seelarathna, S.M. Prof. S.B.S. Abayakoon
Defects and Service life prediction of reinforced concrete structures MSc 2004 Mr. Bogahawatta, G. Dr. A.L.M. Mauroof
Variation of Geotechnical Properties in Some Weathering Profiles of Sri Lanka MPhil 2003 Mr. Athapaththu, A.M.R.G. Prof. C.N. Senevirathna
Study of Seismic Status of Colombo Area, Sri Lanka MPhil 2003 Mr. Mohadevan, N. Prof. S.B.S. Abayakoon
Defects in low-rise building structures, their causes and remedial measures MSc 2003 Mr. Basheer, M.J.M. Dr.K.R.B. Herath
An Investigation on Rainwater Harvesting in Sri Lanka with emphasis on quality of Rainwater and System Design MSc 2003 Mr. Mansur, U. Dr. H.H.J. Keerthisena
Quality adherence in road rehabilitation projects in Sri Lanka MSc 2003 Mr. Nizar, A.L.M. Dr. K.R.B. Herath
A Geotechnical Study on Selected By Roads In Kandy Municipal Area For Maintenance Activities PGDip 2003 Ms. Karunaprema, K.A.K. Dr. J. Edirisinghe
Some useful Relationships for the Use of Dynamic Cone Penetrometer for Road Subgrade Evaluation MPhil 2002 Ms. Karunaprema, K.A.K. Dr. J. Edirisinghe
Wave Run-up Measurements on Smooth and Rough Slopes MPhil 2002 Mr. Kamalananthasarma, A. Prof. J.J. Wijetunge
Defects in irrigation structures and repairing methods MSc 2002 Mr. Gunarathna, C.S.K. Dr. K.R.B. Herath
A Solution to Water Scarcity in Mahaweli System H MSc 2002 Mr. Chandradasa, S.G. Prof. Amirthanathan
Application of Intake and Dynamic Filters in Water Treatment MSc 2002 Mr. Jayalath, J.M.J.C Prof. S.B. Weerakoon
Development of a computer aided concrete mix design with provision for thermal adjustment of Mrfresh concrete MSc 2002 Mr. Sahabandu, K.L.S.R. Dr. K.R.B. Herath
Development of an internet based software program to design reinforced concrete slabs, beams and columns MSc 2002 Mr. Senaratne, S.M.A. Dr. K.R.B. Herath
A Study on the Characteristics of Cement Blocks Manufactured in Sri Lanka MSc 2002 Mr. Kulathilake, M.P.M. Dr. K.R.B. Herath
Thermal Stresses In Stupas MSc 2002 Ms. Sirimanna, H.D.P.K. Dr. K.R.B. Herath
Development of Internet Accessible Software for RC Slab Design PGDip 2002 Mr. Thiyagarajah, A. Dr. K.R.B. Herath
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