Degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Chemical and Process Engineering

Degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

Students follow the Master of Philosophy programme at the department of Chemical and Process Engineering gets the opportunity to carry out an independent and sustained research project related to core chemical engineering areas with the concepts drawn from sustainability and optimization aspects. They are able to present their findings at a scholarly level at the end of this course.

Students are privileged to develop their expertise under the guidance of a staff specialized in a diversified field of, food engineering, computational fluid dynamics, combustion, gasification, fluidisation, wastewater treatment, life cycle assessment, air pollution modelling, biotechnological processes, membrane technology, adsorption, reaction optimization, and environmental engineering. Students also have the opportunity to conduct an industry related project in conjunction with a relevant industry partner under the supervision of the staff.




The minimum period required for the completion of the M/Phil. programme is two academic years. To be eligible for the award of the M.Phil. degree, a student shall fulfill all stipulated requirements within four (4) academic years from the date of registration.

Program Requirements

In order to be eligible for the award of the M.Phil. Degree, a student shall have successfully completed a research study of at least two years duration on full-time basis or its equivalent (i.e., 3 years) on part-time basis.


How to Apply

For postgraduate research programmes applications can be submitted at any time of the year.

Step 1: Check Entry Requirement

Step 2: Prepare Documents

  • Research Proposal*
  • Consent of one or more supervisors**
  • Certified copies of academic transcript
  • Certified copies of Degree/Diploma certificate(s)
  • Certified copies of Birth certificate (photocopy)
  • Four copies of passport-size colour photograph of yourself
  • Three self-addressed stamped envelopes (22 cm x 10 cm)
  • Two Referee Reports – It is required to send separately and under confidential cover, two letters of recommendation.

*Guidelines for preparation of the research proposal are issued along with the application form

**Supervisors shall be of sound academic and/or professional standing. At least one supervisor shall be a permanent member of the academic staff of the Faculty of Engineering.

Step 3: Apply

Applications for enrollment for M.Phil. must be made on the prescribed forms  given below.

Download Application Form

Once you have duly completed the application, you should get it signed by the supervisor/s, and submit to the Head of the Department of Study where you are planning to pursue your research.

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Scheme of Evaluation

Method of Assessment: Performance of a student in a course is evaluated continually on the basis of examinations, tutorials, assignments, design, and/or practical work. Research performance is assessed on the basis of seminar presentations, thesis/dissertation, and/or viva voce examination. Such evaluation of the performance of a candidate shall be the responsibility of the Board of Examiners of the course of study concerned.

More Information

Submission and Evaluation of Thesis

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Entry Requirement

  • A Master of the Science of Engineering Degree


  • A Master of Science Degree in a relevant field


  • A Bachelor’s Degree (in Engineering or Science) with First or Second Class Honours


  • A degree or such other qualification as may be approved by the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee as suitable for candidature for the M.Phil. Degree with a minimum of two years’ experience, after obtaining the degree or such qualification, in a field related to the programme of study.


Your level of understanding, motivation and time commitment will be assessed based on an interview (or other verbal communication), regarding your suitability for the proposed research program.

Course Fees

Programme Fees*
Local Foreign
Degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in EPC Eng. Rs. 100,000/= USD 2500


*Apart from the course fee, an annual registration fee of Rs. 2000, a library fee of Rs.1500 and library refundable deposit of Rs. 2000 is payable to University of Peradeniya.

Research Projects

Department of Chemical and Process Engineering is involved in numerous research projects and you may browse the breadth of research projects currently underway, and go directly to projects that are recruiting graduate researchers in your discipline.

Research at Our Department

You can also use the Department Staff directory for assistance in finding a suitable supervisor within your area of interest.

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