Program Requirements

Program Requirements

During the second, third and fourth years engineering students following the Speciallization Programme in the field of Chemical and Process Engineering are required to earn credits in each catogory. Within the speciallization programme Industrial Training at the industries for a period of 20-24 weeks which worths of 6 credits, is compulsory to claim the B.Sc. Eng. Degree.

Credits to be earned in each category of courses of the specialization

Courses / Projects Credits for B.Sc. Eng Degree Credits for B.Sc. Eng Degree with class honors
 Core course Units  72  75
Regular core courses  60  60
Projects and Independent Studies  12 15
 Electives course Units  24  33
 Technical electives *  12  18
 General electives **  12  15
 Industrial Training  6  6
 Total  96  108

*Technical electives: CP 502, CP 504, CP 506, CP 508, CP 511, CP 513 and CP 514

Visit here for more details on Technical Elective courses offered by our department

**A student has the freedom to choose his/her general electives from among the list of general elective courses recommended as above, and subjected to the condition that he/she is required to earn a minimum of 02 credits from each one of the following three categories:

  • Management and Economics,
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Political and Social Sciences