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Department of Engineering Management

The Department of Engineering Management was established in the year 2002, in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya in order to cater for the demands of the field of engineering: the multidisciplinary managerial roles that engineers are expected to perform in the industry.

The need for the boundary-less organizational activities, which result from increasing competitive business environments as well as globalised technical advancements render it impossible for engineers to confine to a single discipline. In order to be in par with the growing demands of the role of the engineer as a manager, she/he has to be equipped with necessary managerial and soft transferable skills supplementary to the technical expertise gained through their relevant specialization. The Department is also expected to contribute in highlighting the conceptual and human skills an engineering manager may require while performing the technical experts role in an organization

Secondly, the accreditation process for the degree programme in the field of engineering requires to develop, in engineers, the ability to function effectively as an individual and a member of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, with the capacity to be a leader or a manager as well as an effective team member, the understanding of social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities of the professional engineer and the need for sustainable development and the understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and commitment to them. The Department of Engineering Management expects to fulfil these requirements of the accreditation process, while promoting the lifelong learning and building up capacity to do so, in the graduate engineers of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya.

Finally, the Department expects to fulfil the objective of blending all disciplines of engineering together to cater for a ‘whole concept,’ amalgamating the individual, vested interests of every Department, which may result in a broader perception of the professional responsibility of an engineer.

To create globally recognised engineering managers.
To produce professional engineering managers, well versed with requisite managerial & leadership skills and a broader perception of their professional responsibility and accountability towards the society and the environment.
  • To cater for the demands of managerial aspects needed by professional engineers in the society.
  • To build up leaderships and team players for the professional society while enhancing individual capabilities in arenas of engineer-society interaction studies.
  • To establish a link between the Departments of specialization to produced engineering professionals with a broader perception of the entire engineering profession.