PHES is an abbreviation used for the Power, High Voltage and Energy Systems Club
  Which is affiliated to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
  University of Peradeniya.
  PHES club has been designed as a forum for academics, involved in
  postgraduate reserchers, practicing engineers, well wishers actively
  the broad area of power, Energy and High Voltage Engineering.
  PHES club has been able to launch an annual publication containing
  the technical articles in two consecutive year. PHES Club also has
  launched a public awareness campaign by distributing leaflets
 detailing technically approach in handling from lightning hazards.
  Talk on “HVDC interconnection between Sri Lanka and India”
  To be held on End of June 2009.
  Venue : Seminar room 2, Faculty of Engineering, UOP
  Agenda : download..

NEWS FEED *** HVDC interconnection between Sri Lanka and India


load flow, fault level and stability studies on a power system grid

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya
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