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General Elective Subjects

It is the student's responsibility to obtain 12 credits from General elective subjects in order to be qualified for graduation. Out of these 12 credits minimum of 2 credits should be from each category 1,2,3 (Refer to the Faculty Handbook for details)


  1. Management and Economics
  2. Arts and Humanities
  3. Political and Social Sciences

Therefore students are requested to select courses appropriately in 5,6,7,8 semesters and GE short semester of computer engineering students. Some courses are not offered every semester and some courses are offered in the same slot and the exams also conducted in parallel. Therefore you should not select subjects from the same slot.

Some Departments offers courses contributing to components satisfied by General Electives subjects. Some Departments make some GE subjects compulsory for their students and some GE subjects are not allowed to take. Therefore please follow the guidelines of each department, in addition to the guidelines in the Faculty Hand Book.

General Elective Course Structure
Code Subject CreditsCategory 5/7 Semsester6/8 SemsterCO Short SemesterCoordinating DeptCoordinatorLecturer
EF501The Engineer in Society 22,3 OfferedOfferedCivil Dr. A.M.R.G. Athapaththu Dr. R.M.J.B. Ratnayake (VL)
EF509Engineer as an Entrepreneur 31 OfferedOfferedManufacturingDr. A. KulathungaMs. S.Kodithuwakku, Mr. P.A.G. De Alwis
EF511Social Project 23 OfferedOffered Mathematics Dr. (Ms.) P. A. J. Gunatilake Project Supervisors
EF513Introduction to music 22 Offered Chemical Dr. A. Manipura Mr. N. Gunasekara (VL)
EF516Painting and Sculpture 22 Offered Mathematics Dr. (Ms.) R. Meegaskumbura Mr A. Pereira (VL)
EF519Written English for Communication 12 Offered ELTU Ms U. KarunarathnaELTU Staff
EF520Effective Communicating in English through Speech12 OfferedOffered ELTU Ms U. KarunarathnaELTU Staff
EF521Intellectual Property 11 OfferedOffered Computer Dr. M. Sandirigama Dr. M. Sandirigama
EF524Business Law 31 Offered Offered MechanicalDr. S.D.G.S.P.GunawardanaMr. D.G.K.N. Samarasena (VL)
EF528Introduction to Digital Art 32 OfferedOffered Offered Electrical Dr. M.B. Dissanayake Mr. P.M.P.C. Gunathilake (VL)
EF531Mindfulness for Engineers* 22 Offered Civil
CP551Sustainable Development 33 Offered Chemical Prof. Shanthini Prof. Shanthini
MA501Accounting and Finance for Engineers 21 ManagementMs. K. K. K. Sylva Mr. S. M. Dissanayaka
MA503Business Communication 21 ManagementMs. K. K. K. Sylva Dr. M.M.G.V. Shyamalee
MA505Business Law and Intellectual Property31 ManagementMs. K. K. K. Sylva
MA507Management of Technology 31 ManagementMs. K. K. K. Sylva
MA509Marketing for Engineers 21 ManagementMs. K. K. K. Sylva
MA520Economics for Engineers 21 ManagementMs. K. K. K. Sylva
MA522Engineer as an Entrepreneur 31 ManagementMs. K. K. K. Sylva
MA524Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management 31 ManagementMs. K. K. K. Sylva
MA526Project Management 21 ManagementMr. S. M. Dissanayaka Dr. A. Pallegedara

* To be offered from October 2021

Note: The following courses are offered in Semester 5 (Starting from June 7, 2021)
EF511, EF516, EF519, EF521, EF528
The following courses are offered in Semester 6 (Starting from June 7, 2021)
EF501, EF509, EF511, EF520, EF521, EF528

Special Requirements

CP551: Sustainable Development
EF528: Introduction to Digital Art

An only a limited number of student will be registered on a first-come-first-served basis.

The List of Courses offered under General Electives

CO422: Professional Practices
CO423: Software Project Management
CO424: Information Systems Management
CP551: Sustainable Development
EF501: The Engineer in Society
EF503: Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
EF505: Management in Practice with Case Studies
EF507: Government and Politics of Sri Lanka
EF508: Political Issues in Sri Lanka
EF509: Engineer as an Entrepreneur
EF510: Technology and Economic Development
EF511: Social Project
EF512: Rural Economic Development and Technology
EF513: Introduction to Music
EF514: Cinema and Television
EF515: Theatre and Drama
EF516: Painting and Sculpture
EF517: Project in Fine Arts
EF519: Written English for Communication
EF520: Effective Communication in English through Speech
EF521: Intellectual Property
EF522: Sri Lankan Technology
EF524: Business Law
EF526: Marketing & Financial Management
EF528: Introduction to Digital Art
EF530: Engineering Management
EF531: Mindfulness for Engineers
MA501: Accounting and Finance for Engineers
MA503: Business Communication
MA505: Business Law and Intellectual Property
MA507: Management of Technology
MA509: Marketing for Engineers
MA520: Economics for Engineers
MA522: Engineer as an Entrepreneur
MA524: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management
MA526: Project Management
PR507: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

* The GE courses which are not offered currently are crossed out.