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Guide to Resource Reservation System

The EEU introduced the Online Resource Reservation System in 2014. After a trial run of one year, the paper based reservation was abolished.

Anyone can register and view the reservations.

Only Academic Staff Members can make reservations.

If you do not have an account, please register following the link. Once registered you can view the reservations. If you are an academic staff member, your account will be activated by the Director/EEU. If you are an academic staff member and have not received a mail within 48 hours upon registering, please contact the Director/EEU.

The earliest time a seminar room could be reserved is reduced to 4 hours prior to start time (from 48 hours). If you reserve seminar rooms in weekends or change reservations in weekends please be kind enough to inform EEU first.

The seminar rooms are allocated according to the following priority order

  • a) International meetings, conferences organised by the Faculty
  • b) Domestic meetings, conference organised by the Faculty
  • c) Internal meetings, seminars organised by the Faculty
  • d) Regular lectures of the Faculty
  • e) Meetings, lectures organised by the outsiders of the Faculty

If there is a higher priority request made for the time slot that you have booked, EEU would request you to move to an alternative location. EEU will make all efforts to provide a suitable location.

If you are booking seminar rooms for regular lectures please make sure to inform AR office to avoid double booking so that the lecture room allocated to you in the time table is freed.

If you do not need a reservation, please make sure to delete the reservation immediately so that fellow staff members are allowed to reserve it.

Conference Room

The reservation system users cannot reserve the Conference Room but can see the reservations made. Please Contact Secretary to the Dean for reserving the Seminar Room..

EOE Pereira Theater, lecture rooms and vehicles

The reservation system users cannot reserve EOE Pereira Theater, lecture rooms and Vehicles but can see the reservations made. Please follow the present paper based reservation procedure to reserve them through AR office.

  • Fill the form.
  • Submit it to the Assistant Registrar office.
  • After receiving the approval of Assistant Registrar and the Dean of the faculty please make the payment(if there is any).
  • Then EEU will grant the approved A/V facilities.

Computing Center Labs

The reservation of Computing Center labs are managed by Ms Asanka. Please contact her for reserving the labs of CC

Please check the availability of required software in the workstations in the reserved lab prior to your first lab session. For software related inquiries/assistance please contact Ms. Asanka(3483) or Mr. Samantha(3487).

Production Department Seminar Room

The reservations of the conference hall of the Production Department is managed by the HoD od the Department.. Please contact HoD of the Production Department for reserving the labs of CC