WELCOME  To Course Registration Help



Steps for Course Registration / Add-Drop


1.       Enter your User Name and Password & click Login button to enter the system (see Figure 1).



                                                                                                                     Figure 1



2.      Select Registration / Add-Drop for the course registration.(see Figure 2)




                                                                                                     Figure 2


   3.      Under Registration / Add - Drop select the Semester & Field of Specialization (see Figure 3).



                                                                                         Figure 3


4.    Select the area that relevant courses are offered & click Add button.


     To drop select the area that relevant courses are offered & click Drop button  


     using the Reset button can reset selection (see Figure 4).


        Note : To select more than one course codes at a time use Ctrl key + select.



                                                                                                                       Figure 4



5.      Select the courses that are relavent to that semester click upload button (See Figure 5).



                                                                                                                    Figure 5



6.      If the upload is successfull then will get the following messege (See Figure 6).



                     Figure 6 .

7. Online Preliminary Class List for each courses will be generate after the registration. (you can see under 'Class Lists')


8. Until advisor’s approval, any number of changes can be made.


9. Once advisor approves your registration, you can see your registered courses under 'Courses registered by students - past & present'


10.  After Add / Drop period, see your advisor for approval.



11.  After the advisor’s approval, no further changes can be made.