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IEEE Student Branch - Faculty of Engineering
University of Peradeniya

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Annual Plan

Technical Activities

1) Seminar on Electrical Engineering – Planning to cover following topics

  1. Power system distribution
  2. Modeling of power grids
  3. Fault analysis
  4. Latest technologies

2) Seminar on Telecommunication Engineering – Planning to cover following topics

  1. PSTN communication and advancements
  2. ISDN communication and advancements

For above two events, professionals from leading companies in Sri Lanka will be called. The companies are not yet decided. Number of participations for these events is limited to 100 giving priority to IEEE student members first. We have planned to give refreshments for the participants.

3) Field visit to a thermal power plant to study the power generation
4) Field visit to a manufacturing company


1) Workshop on Power and Telecommunication

2) Workshop on Robotics and Electronics

Seminars and demonstrations will be organized for this event. Participants will be registered first and the number will be limited to 100 giving priority to IEEE student members. Refreshments will be provided for the participants.


1) IEEE Cricket tournament

The purpose of this event is to let the students enjoy an event while improving the unity among them and promote IEEE student branch among students.

Joint activities

1) A set of competitions targeting all batches in the faculty under following topics.

    * Article on "Advantages of been an IEEE student member"
       The winning article will be published in IEEE student chapter web page.

    * T-shirt design
       The winning design will be selected for making a set of T-shirt to sell among students.

    * Logo design
       The winning design will be taken for the logo of IEEE student branch web page.

The winners of these competitions will get a certificate from IEEE and a present. The purpose of this event is to promote IEEE among students and encourage them to join IEEE.

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