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iEEE MTT-S UOP SBC field visit 2017

The second field visit of IEEE MTT-S Student Branch Chapter,University of Peradeniya was succefully completed on 12th of August 2017 to Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake with the participation of Dr Aruna Gunawardana, Dr Melaka Senadheera and the students of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. At the begining, a presentation was conducted by Electronics and Air Navigation Engineering Division about the Radar in air traffic control.Afterthat, students got chance to visit Control Tower Center,Radar Control Room, Technical Room,Fire Unit, PSR(Pramary Surveillance Radar)and SSR(Secondary Surveillance Radar) units. Throughout out the field visit, participants were able to get the knowledge about Radar and Navigation system used in Air Traffic Control Center in the airport and Electronics and Communication System used in Aviation. We as the MTT-S Student Branch Chapter would be grateful to Eng.(Mr.) Vipula Wimalashanthi, Head of the Electronics and Air Navigation Engineering Division ,Eng.(Mr.)Jananath Konara Rathhinda and all the staff members of the Airport and Aviation Services( Sri Lanka)Limited for their great asaitance in arranging this event and great hospitality provided throughout the day.

First project meeting

IEEE MTT-S Student Branch Chapter University of Peradeniya carries out a series of projects with the society members under the supervision and guidance of the senior lecturers specialized in the Microwave Engineering field. The first meeting on these projects was held on 20th July 2017 from 5pm to 6pm at DEEE seminar room to discuss the progression of projects.

Dr. Aruna Gunawardena had the discussion on Armature Radio and Radio Astronomy. There the groups were encouraged to design a FM radio as the first step towards their main projects.

The discussion on RFID tag design and wireless power projects was conducted by Dr. Melaka Senadeera. The students were instructed to proceed their work during their free time at the laboratory premises and consult the resource persons as necessary. The discussion was winded up successfully with having a plan to hold the project meetings weekly with respective supervisors.

Satellite tracking demonstration

IEEE MTT-S University of Peradeniya Student branch chapter organized a Satellite tracking demonstration on 22nd June from 3pm onward at the Microwave Lab, DEEE with the supervision of Dr.Aruna Gunawardena and Dr.Melaka Senadheera . The participants were able to observe how to receive satellite data by tracking NOAH WEATHER SATELLITE using a spiral antenna (which has recently settled at the faculty) and to reconstruct weather forecast images from them. The session was conducted by RF & Microwave lab Instructor Mr. Tharindu DayaraThna who has given an immense support to the MTT-S throughout past year. Finally, there was an appreciation and farewell to Mr.Tharindu Lakmal Dayarathna who is going to leave the faculty after doing a invaluable contribution to the field of microwave engineering and also to the MTT-S Student chapter. Dr.Aruna Gunawardana presented the token of appreciation. The session was winded up with wishing him best of luck for his future career

A talk on antennas

A talk on "What is an Antenna?" which was organized by IEEE MTT-S Student Branch Chapter University Of Peradeniya was held on 27th of April at Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) seminar room. The lecture was conducted by senior lecturer Dr. Melaka Senadeera from DEEE. The lecture included; What is an Antenna, Basic operation of an Antenna, Types of Antennas and their applications. The students who are interested and also those who has already engaged with the MTTS ongoing projects took part in this occasion. Finally, the event winded up with the hope of having more such valuable programmes in the future.

Microwave Lab Opening Day and Project Introduction Programme

“Microwave Lab Open Day and Project Introduction Programme”, which was organized by IEEE MTT-S Student Branch Chapter, University of Peradeniya was held on 30th March 2017 at DEEE seminar room. The event was organized specially for students from E13 and E14 batches of the faculty who are still new to Microwave Engineering. The event was begun with a brief introduction to MTT-S by the Chairman. Then Prof. Manjula Fernando, Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering addressed the gathering. Introduction to Microwave Engineering was given by Dr. Aruna Gunawrdena, the Senior Treasurer and the Advisor of the IEEE MTT-S Student Branch Chapter UoP. After that, the project series was introduced by Dr. Melaka Senadeera and Dr.Aruna Gunawardena welcoming the students to join with those. The participants got the opportunity to aware of the Software Defined Radio, Radar Systems, PCB Fabrication Techniques, and equipment, techniques used in the full fledged Microwave lab in the faculty which was a good foundation for the projects that is going to proceed with these newbies. There was an immense contribution by the senior lecturers, instructors and the society members to shine the event. Finally the event was successfully wind up being a new experience to the participants

The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the IEEE MTT-S Student Branch Chapter University Of Peradeniya, which was established in last year was held on 2nd March 2017 at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering seminar room with the participation of senior lecturers Dr. Aruna Gunawardhane and Dr. Meelaka Senadeera, former society members, instructors of the Microwave Laboratory and Electrical and Electronic Engineering students. As usual, the former members concluded their duties and handed over to the new set of members marking the inauguration for the year 2017. The staff advisor of the society, Dr. Aruna Gunawardhane talked about the Microwave Engineering, aim and future plans of Microwave Theory and Techniques Society and projects carrying out which made the newcomers aware of the society role. Finally, a successful year of the society was winded up with the hopes of continuing future plan


'INNOVATORS 2017' ,organized by the Innovators’ Club, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya , was commenced on 17th of February with the aim of creating and developing the innovative ideas of the students from the fresher’s batch. This time also the competition was held under different categories. Out of them the most attractive event was designing a RF microphone which is introduced to INNOVATORS for very first time , by IEEE MTT-S Student Branch Chapter University Of Peradeniya with the aim of exposing the fresher’s minds to the RF and Microwave World. An introductory session regarding to this event about FM microphones was held and there were five teams for the competition. Second day, there was a lecture which was conducted by the senior lecturer of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dr.Meelaka Senadeera. Competition was judged by the three member judge panel including senior lecturers Dr.Janaka Wijayakulasooriya, Dr.Meelaka senadeera, Dr.Chathurika Dharmagunawaradhane and Dr.Lasith Yasaketu from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The selection criteria were quality of the microphone and its transmitting distance. Finally the event was wind up with rewarding three teams on 19th February 2017