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The Staff
Dr.W. P. D. Fernando
Senior Lecturer
Office Address: 
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya,20400, Sri Lanka.
wpd@pdn.ac.lk, primal@kth.se
+94 81 2393608 (Office)
+94 81 2204399 (Home)
+94 81 2393611 (Fax)
Personal Website: 

Biography :

  • Dr. Primal Fernando, joined as a Senior Lecturer to the  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,  University of  Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 2009. Before joining to the University of Peradeniya, he worked as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Tallahassee, Florida, USA (2007- 2009).

Educational Qualifications :

  • PhD :2007 Ph.D. in Energy Technology, Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Dissertation title: “Experimental investigation of refrigerant charge minimisation of a small capacity heat pump”.
  • MEng : 1999 M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Dissertation title: “The behavior of two-phase flows consisting of various air water mixtures through a full scaled mock up of a fuel bundle”.
  • BSc :1996, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Members & Awards :

  • 2007-2008, Best paper award, Minichannel aluminum heat exchangers: Part I - Single phase heat transfer, Part II - Evaporative heat transfer, Part III - Condensation heat transfer have been recently received the Best Paper Award from the International Journal of Refrigeration (2007/08). Only two such awards are given every year from this highly ranked journal
  • 2000 - 2001, Graduate Study Scholarship, Awarded by Department of Energy technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
  • 1998 - 1999, International Master Scholarship, Awarded by Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA).
  • 1992 - 1996, Mahapola Scholarship, Awarded by Government of Sri Lanka.

Keynote/Invited Papers :

  • April 2007, “Cooling of Electronics”, Organized by Department of mechanical Engineering, University of Navarra, Spain.
  • April 2007, “Temperature Measurements”, Organized by Department of mechanical Engineering, University of Navarra, Spain.

Research Interests :

  • Study in surface tension forces and capillary actions in microchannels.
  • Study in boiling and condensation heat transfer of various fluids in micro channels.
  • Single and multiphase flows in microchannels.
  • Applications in heat pump technology for various countries.
  • Cooling of electronics using spray cooling technology.
  • Research in absorption refrigeration

Publications(Refereerd Journal Articels) :

  • Primal  Fernando,  Björn  Palm,  Per  Lundqvist  and  Eric  Granryd,  “Propane  heat pump  with  low  refrigerant  charge:  design  and  laboratory  tests”,  International Journal  of  Refrigeration  Volume  27,  Issue  7,  November  2004,  Pages  761‐773.  
  • Primal  Fernando  and  Per  Lundqvist,  “Refrigeration  systems  with  minimized refrigerant  charge  ‐ System  design  and  performance”,  Proc.  IMechE Vol.  219 Part E:  Process Mechanical Engineering, 15 June 2005.    
  • Primal  Fernando,  Björn  Palm,  Per  Lundqvist,  Eric  Granryd,  Performance  of  a Single  ‐ family  Heat  Pump  at  Different  Working  Conditions  Using  Small  quantity of Propane  as  Refrigerant,  Journal  of  Experimental  heat  transfer, 20:1, 57-71, 2007.  
  • Primal  Fernando,  Björn  Palm,  Tim  Ameel,  Per  Lundqvist,  Eric  Granryd,  A Minichannel  Aluminium  Tube  Heat  Exchanger  ‐ Part  I:  Evaluation  of  Single‐Phase Heat  Transfer  Coefficients  by  the  Wilson  Plot  Method  Volume 31, Issue 4June 2008, Pages 669-680.
  • Primal  Fernando,  Björn  Palm,  Tim  Ameel,  Per  Lundqvist,  Eric  Granryd,  A  Minichannel  Aluminium  Tube  Heat  Exchanger  ‐ Part  II:  Evaporator  Performance  with  Propane,  Volume 31, Issue 4June 2008, Pages 681-695.
  • Primal  Fernando,  Björn  Palm,  Tim  Ameel,  Per  Lundqvist,  Eric  Granryd,  A  Minichannel  Aluminium  Tube  Heat  Exchanger  ‐ Part  III:  Condenser  Performance  with  Propane,  Volume 31, Issue 4June 2008, Pages 696-708.


Peer Reviewed Conferences Proceedings:

  • Primal D.  Fernando,  Oxana  Samoteeva,  Per  Lundqvist  and  Björn  Palm,  “Charge Distribution  in  a  5kW  Heat  Pump  Using  Propane  as  Working  Fluid.  Part  1: Experimental  Investigation”,  Proceedings:  16.  Nordiske  Kolemode  og  9.  Nordiske Varmepumpedage,  Copenhagen,  Denmark,  August  29‐31,  2001  (page299). 
  •  Primal D.  Fernando,  Björn  Palm,  Eric  Granryd,  Oxana  Samoteeva  and  Klas  Anderson,  “The  Behavior  of  Small  Capacity  (5kW)  Heat  pump  with  Micro‐Channeled  Flat  Tube  Heat  Exchangers  –  Proceedings:  Zero  Leakage  and  Minimum  Charge”,  Efficient  Systems  for  Refrigeration  Air  Conditioning  and  Heat  pumps,  Stockholm,  Sweden  August  26‐28,  2002  (page  179).  
  •  Primal D. Fernando,  Björn  Palm,  Eric  Granryd  and  Klas  Andersson,  “Mini‐Channel  Aluminium  Heat  Exchangers  with  Small  Inside  Volumes”  –  Proceedings:  21st  IIR  International  Congress  of  Refrigeration,  Washington  D.C.,  USA,  August  17‐22,  2003.  
  • W. Primal D. Fernando, Houde Han,  Björn  Palm,  Eric  Granryd  and  Per  Lundqvist, “The  Solubility  of  Propane  (R290)  with  Commonly  Used  Compressor  Lubrication Oils.  International  conference  on  compressors  and  their  systems”,   IMECHE Conference  Transactions  2003‐4,  Professional  Engineering  Publishing,  ISSN 1356‐1448.
  • Samoteewa,  P.  Fernando,  B.  Palm,  P.  Lundquist,  “Charge  Distribution  in  a  5kW Heat  Pump  Using  Propane  as  Working  Fluid.  Part  1I:  Modeling  of  Liquid  hold‐up” Proceedings:  16.  Nordiske  Kolemode  og  9.  Nordiske  Varmepumpedage, Copenhagen,  Denmark,  August  29‐31,  2001
  • Samoteewa,  E.  Granryd,  B.  Palm  and  P.  Fernando,  “Modeling  of  the  amount  of refrigerant  and  pressure  drop  in  a  rectangular  copper  microchannel  evaporator –  Proceedings:  Zero  Leakage  and  Minimum  Charge”,  Efficient  Systems  for Refrigeration  Air  Conditioning  and  Heat  pumps,  Stockholm,  Sweden  August 26‐28,  2002  (page  449).
  • B.  Palm,   P.  Fernando,  K.  Andersson,  P.  Lundqvist  and  O.  Samoteeva,   “Design a heat  pump  for  minimum  charge  of  refrigerant”  ,  8th  International  Energy Agency, Heat  Pump  conference  2005,  Global  Advances  in  Heat  Pump  Technology, Applications  and  Markets,  Las  Vegas,  Nevada,  USA,  May  30  –  June  2,  2005.