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Computer Laboratory (FEA/CFD and CAD Lab)

The university IT Center and Computer Center provides all the necessary IT facilities for the university students. In addition to that the mechanical engineering department posses a facility with several computers. Students involve in FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CFD (Computerized Fluid Dynamics) related projects and experiments in the department computer room.

Mechanical Engineering students make use of this computer facility in report writing and presentation skills development (MS office, Flash, Photo Shop, etc.) computer and PIC programming (C++, Visual Basic, MP Lab, etc.) and engineering drawing (AutoCAD).

More importantly during their degree program students study and get experience on the applications of engineering software packages like ALGOR V19 (FEA package), Pro Engineering Wildfire, SAP 2000, MATLAB, etc.

This experience makes them easy to apply their knowledge in mechanical engineering for resolve industrial related problems more efficiently and present results in a very comprehensive manner.