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Our Mission

The 4-year BScEng degree programme has course content and standards commensurate with other 4-year degree programs in leading international universities.

"The mission of the Faculty is to acquire, promote and disseminate knowledge of engineering sciences and their application to improve the quality of life and, in particular, to equip present and future generations of men and women with skills and attitudes to attain competence as professional engineers, and to interact with industry by providing expertise and specialized facilities".

The course in mechanical engineering is designed to equip the student with a sound understanding of the mechanical engineering sciences, with emphasis on a good grasp of the basic principles of design and analysis and to ensure that the student could handle software-based applications intelligently and effectively. A good grasp of civil and electrical engineering theory and practice is also considered essential. A great amount of emphasis is also laid on the six months' mandatory industrial training.

The B.Sc.(Eng) graduate specializing in mechanical engineering is thus expected to

  • have a sound understanding of theory, laboratory practice and design and be able to apply this knowledge to the practice of engineering;
  • be capable of carrying out tasks as an individual and as a member of a team;
  • be able to effectively communicate technical information orally, in the form of drawings, reports etc. using modern audio-visual media;
  • be aware of the meaning and value of his/her work to the client as well as the society as a whole, and alive to the various aspects of engineering practice in Sri Lanka and elsewhere;
  • be flexible in approach and able to interact with engineers in other branches of engineering in dealing with problems; and
  • acquire an ethical and technically sound professional attitude.