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Course units for the Qualifying Course in Engineerng

GP101 English I (3 credits)

Course Content:  Language development, Communication through reading, Communication through listening, Communication through writing, Communication through speech (L20, A50).(C60, E40)


GP102 English II (3 credits)

Course Content: Language development, Advanced grammar, Communication through reading: The use of techniques learnt during the foundation course in analysing the written discourse. Communication through listening: The use of techniques learnt during the foundation course in analysing the spoken discourse, Communication through writing: Writing of reports, proposals and articles, Communication through speech: communicative activities/presentations/projects/debates. Effective means of communicating with audience(L20, A50).(C60, E40)


GP103 Mathematics I (3 credits)

Course Content: Real number system, its properties and the real axis, Functions of a single variable, 2-D co-ordinate geometry, 3-D Euclidean geometry, 3-D Euclidean co-ordinate geometry, Complex numbers, Functions of positive integers, Recurrence relation, Infinite series, Real power series, Special functions, Integration, Functions of several variables, Introduction to differential equations, (L36, A18). (C10,M30,E60)


GP104 Mathematics II (3 credits)

Course Content: Vectors, Matrix theory, Determinants, Transformations, Solution of simultaneous equations, Vector space, Characteristic value problems, Quadratic forms (L36, A18). (C10,M30,E60)


GP105 Engineering Drawing (3 credits)

Course Content: Fundamentals, Orthographic and isometric views, Engineering graphics, Freehand sketching, Introduction to drawing for Mechanical and electrical engineering applications, Other: speed tests (L18, P45, A9). (C30,E70)


GP106 Computing (3 credits)

Course Content: End-user computing, Algorithms, flow charts and flow diagrams, Structured programming, A current high level programming language, Recursion, Problem solving, Mathematical packages and coupling them with high level languages, Libraries for graphics and mathematical functions, Engineering drawing through software (L21, T14, P20). (C40,M20,E40)


GP107 Workshop Technology (3 credits)

Course Content: Introduction, Basic processes of manufacture, Machining, Casting, Welding, Project, Automobile Technology (L12, T3, P60). (C30,CW40,E30)


GP108 Electricity (3 credits)

Course Content: Measurements, Circuits, Electrostatics, Electromagnetism (L27, T6, P24). (CW30,E70)


GP109 Materials Science (3 credits)

Course Content: Introduction to the structure and properties of engineering materials, Principles underlying structure-property relationships, Phase equilibrium, Structure and properties of cement and timber, Properties and applications of polymers, ceramics and glasses, Properties and applications of composites, Mechanical testing of engineering materials, Laboratory testing practices (L &T 36, P&A18). (C10,M30,CW10,E50)


GP110 Engineering Mechanics (3 credits)

Course Content : Force systems, Analysis of simple structures, Work and energy methods, Inertial properties of plane and three-dimensional objects, Fluid pressure, Fluid statics, Particle kinematics, Planar rigid body kinematics, Particle kinetics, Planar rigid body kinetics, Laboratory work (L28, T11, P12). (C10,M20,CW10,E60)


GP111 Elementary Thermodynamics (3 credits)

Course Content : Fundamentals, The Zeroth Law and the First Law, Thermodynamic substances, Application of the First Law to closed systems, Application of the First Law to open systems, Air standard cycles, The Rankine cycle, The Second Law, Laboratory classes (L27, T9, P12, A6). (C10,M10,CW10,E70)


GP112 Engineering Measurements (3 credits)

Course Content: Units and standards, Approximation errors and calibration, Measurement of physical parameters, Measurement project, Presentation of engineering information, Surveying (L&T17, P&A56). (C10,M40,CW10,E40)

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