The Integrated Laboratory
    The department has an integrated laboratory which caters to all electrical, electronic and communication engineering students. this consists of the following labs:
  • Communications Laboratory

  • Controls Laboratory

  • Elementary Laboratory

  • Power & Machines Laboratory

  • Electronics & Instrumentation Laboratory

  High Voltage Engineering Laboratory
    The Department possesses the only high voltage testing facility in the country. These test facilities are used for undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as consultancy jobs for the industry such as Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Transformers Ltd.
  RF and Microwave Laboratory
The Microwave Laboratory at DEEE focuses on applications from 1GHz to 13GHz. The laboratory is well equipped to design, fabricate and test microwave circuits ranging from transmitter and receiver systems to component level designs such as amplifiers and mixers. The department offers courses in microwave engineering both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  PostGraduate Laboratory
    This lab is dedicated for postgraduate research work.
  Computing Resources
  The Electronic Workshop