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 University of Peradeniya

Research is key to driving innovation. The department conducts research in several key thrust areas, including Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Robotics & Automation, Modeling of Manufacturing Systems, Sustainable Manufacturing, Machining, Product Development, Intelligent Control, etc.

Research Projects

"Enhancing Competitiveness of Local Brass Manufacturing Industry with Sustainable Manufacturing Concepts"
(University Research Grant RG/2014/24E)

This research was initiated to promote Sustainable Manufacturing Concepts among traditional Brass Craftsmen in Sri Lanka. The objective is to introduce appropriate technologies to this sector that promote sustainable practises and to enhance the product quality. To date, several developments have been introduced to this community following the experimental work conducted at the Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Laboratory in the department. Computer Aided Design (CAD), CAE, CAM and 3D Printing Technologies have been used in these developments. As a further service to this community, a workshop series has been organized in collaboration with the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Promotion of the Central Provincial Council of Sri Lanka to disseminate new concepts and developments among the relevant industrial community.

Principal Investigator - Dr. Asela Kulatunga
Key Members – Mr. M. Dharmawardana, Dr. Risheeka Ekanayake, Mr. Rajitha Peiris, Mr. Malan Jayawickrama

"Enhancing Competitiveness of Small and Medium Scale Industries with Sustainable Manufacturing Concepts"
(National Research Council Grant NRC 15-151)

The objective of this research is to enhance the competitiveness of the local manufacturing sector through sustainable manufacturing concepts. The research focusses on manufacturing sectors which predominantly use local raw materials and are oriented towards foreign markets. Ceramic and clay roof tile industry, along with tea and natural rubber based industries have been selected for this research. Initially, Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) will be carried out on these three sectors in order to identify environmental hotspots. Subsequently, selected hotspots will be eliminated or minimizde through Eco designs and Eco innovations so that their manufacturing processes will be converted into sustainable manufacturing processes. LCA development for ceramic and clay roof tile industries has commenced and currently experiments are being carried out at the Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Laboratory at the department. The LCA has to be carried out for the rest of the selected industries before the development of eco-designs.

Principal Investigator - Dr. Asela Kulatunga
Key Members – Mr. Rajitha Peiris, Mr. Malan Jayawickrama

"Mathematical Modeling of Manufacturing Systems"

Mathematical models help develop insights into the dynamics of manufacturing systems that are often unpredictable. In this research, models are being developed to understand the performance of manufacturing systems that produce multiple products. Common phenomena in such systems include machine setups, machine failures, learning curve effects, and manual-automatic hybrid production systems etc. Markov models and computer simulation models are used for the analysis. The objective is to obtain a better understanding of the behaviour of these complex systems.

Key Members – Dr. C.D. Senanayake, Ms. Thilini Ranasinghe


  • Additive Manufacturing Lab
  • Metrology & Instrumentation Lab
  • Robotics & Automation Lab
  • Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing Lab
  • Sustainable Design & Manufacturing Lab