Image  Department of Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
 University of Peradeniya

The department has a wide range of equipment providing experimental facilities to students and staff members to carry out practical work, research, development and teaching. Currently available facilities and equipment are as follows:

Additive Manufacturing (Innovation) Laboratory

Our Innovation Lab consists of equipment which can be used in Additive Manufacturing including 3D scanning as well. The lab consists of three desktop size fused deposition modeling machines along with one Stereo lithography machine with adequate facilities for reverse engineering as well. 3D Printers

  • Extrusion based
  • Makerbot Replicator
  • Ultimaker 2.0 Extended Plus
  • Type A - Series 1 Pro
  • Vat Photopolymerization XFab printer
  • 3D Scanner - Einscan Pro
  • Image

    Automation Laboratory

    Automation laboratory in the department is deliberately designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills in industrial automation and control. The laboratory is equipped with basic industrial sensors, servo motor drivers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial robots and an advanced computer integrated manufacturing system.

    ABB IRB 2400 Robot

    IRB 2400/10 is a 6-axis industrial robot manufactured by ABB Automation company. This high performance industrial robot uses a IRC5 Single Cabinet controller to control a payload of maximum 12 kg.

    Basic Electro-Pneumatic Trainer Kit

    Basic Electro-Pneumatics Training kit consists of an air compressor, pneumatic valves, pneumatic actuators, a power supply unit and a table top mounting frame. This is used as a training station for students in order to provide hands on experience on elementary electro-pneumatic control.

    Basic Electro-Hydraulics Trainer Kit

    Basic Electro-Hydraulics Trainer Kit is designed to provide hands on experience on elementary electro-hydraulic control systems. The trainer kit consists of hydraulic valves, industrial sensors, hydraulic actuators, pressure gauges and a table top mounting frame.

    Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Unit

    CIM unit is specifically designed to demonstrate computer integration of a small-scale manufacturing system. The unit consists of a small-scale CNC machining center, two Mitsubishi robots with independent control, conveyer with an integrated PLC control unit and a demonstration program.

    Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing Laboratory

  • CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) System complete with SCARA
  • Robots
  • Injection Moulding machine
  • Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
  • Metrology Laboratory

  • SolidWorks/ SolidCAM, FactoryCAD, RoboExpert, Factory Flow, Arena,
  • Simul8
  • Vision, machining, transport systems
  • Advanced Metrological instruments
  • Basic measuring instruments
  • Advanced Machining Laboratory

  • CAM facility with two CNC Machining Centers
  • (3 and 4 axes respectively)
  • CNC Turning Center
  • CNC Wirecut EDM Machine