Consultation Room:

A consultation room is maintained to assist the students with their academic work.

Computer Room:

Department has developed a computer lab for the use of instructors, research assistants and project students. It is also used for the computing labs for optional courses where class sizes are small.

Solar Lab and Weather Station:

Department has been maintaining a Solar Lab and a weather station for almost thirty years now. It has been collecting radiation and related weather data for many years which has been used for research and teaching. In the past we have received some funds and equipment from the Agriculture University in Vienna, Austria, to develop and maintain this lab.

Mathematical Modelling Lab:

Small lab stationed within the solar lab premises to use for the mathematical modeling and optimization courses and for research work. These two real physical systems which are interfaced to computers are all made in the department with the help of students and the Instructor staff.

Seminar Room:

Department has a seminar room to conduct presentations, discussions and meetings. Sometimes it is also used for conducting lectures for optional courses with small number of students.

Department Library:

It is equipped with the books mainly includes the mathematics and the engineering applications relevant to mathematics.