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The engineering Library is the first two-storied building, as one enters the Faculty of Engineering from the new Gampola- Kandy main road and turns at the first crossroad on to the right. The three departmental libraries, in the Faculty of Engineering in University of Ceylon, Colombo from 1950-1964, were amalgamated to form the Engineering library with the arrival of the faculty of Engineering to Peradeniya in 1964 and the Engineering library was set up in a part of the first floor of the main building of the Faculty of Engineering. It was moved to the two- storied Engineering Library Building in January 2000. It is the first two-storied building, as one enters the Faculty of Engineering from the new Gampola- Kandy main road (Prof. E.O.E. Pereira Road) and going towards the main administrative complex. The left side of the ground floor is the reading room and the stack area while the Librarian's office, the staff room and the photocopy room are on the right side.


The Engineering Library mainly provides membership to the undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and the academic staff of the Faculty of Engineering. The registered members of the other libraries of the university of Peradeniya library system and other prospective readers can use the library for reference after producing required documents to the Senior Assistant Librarian and the Lending facilities are provided through Inter Library Loan. The undergraduates can get registered in the Library soon after admission to the Faculty of Engineering. The orientation program and a library guidebook, on the rules and regulations and general use of the library are provided at the time of registration. The readers are required to bring the university identity card for entering into the library and for any type of transaction.

  The collection and OPAC

The collection contains about 35000 information sources such as books, periodicals, theses, BS codes, project reports etc., on Civil, Chemical, Production, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics and Computer Sciences. The library catalogue is the guide to the collection. The card catalogue is arranged according to the class numbers and name of the authors. In January 2002, a LAN (Local area network) was established connecting the resources of Main Library, Science Library and Engineering Library. The Library software used for this was ALICE FOR WINDOWS (AFW). The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of the above 3 libraries can be accessed at

  The services offered are lending, reference, referral, photocopying, Database searching, Inter Library Loan from local and foreign libraries (ILL) and current awareness.
  Library Hours
Monday - Friday
Saturday - Sunday
7.30 am - 6.15 pm
7.30 am- 3.45 pm
7.00 am - 7.45 pm

7.30 am- 3.45 pm

7.30 am - 3.45 pm


On public and university holydays the library is closed, but if the holyday falls on a Saturday or Sunday the library is kept open

  The Library staff
  The Library Staff consists of one Senior Assistant Librarian, 2 Staff Assistants, 4 Library Assistants, 2 Library Attendants and 2 Library Labourers.
  Senior Assistant Librarian in charge of the Engineering Library.
Ms. K.P. Neetha Damayanthi Peiris
Engineering Library, Faculty of Engineering,
University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya.
Telephone- 94-081- 2393318

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