Undergraduate Study
  The Faculty of Engineering offers a four-year full-time programme leading to the Degree of Bachelor of the Science of Engineering (BScEng).
  The programme comprises the General Programme during the first year and Specialization Programme in the remaining three years. Following 6 fields of specializations are available at the Faculty of Engineering:
    • Chemical & Process Engineering (25)
    • Civil Engineering (150)
    • Computer Engineering (60)
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (100)
    • Mechanical Engineering (40)
    • Production Engineering (40)
  Maximum numbers of students enrolled to each of the specialization programme in each academic year are given in parenthesis against the programmes. Streaming into fields of specializations is based on student preference as well as performance in the General Programme in Engineering.
  The programme structure of the undergraduate degree programme at the Faculty of Engineering is illustrated below:


  Each academic semester is normally made up of 15 weeks of teaching, a recess week and a week-long end-of-semester examinations. The evaluation of performance of a student in each course is carried out through continuous assessments and end-of-semester examinations. The medium of instruction at the Faculty of Engineering is English.  
  The programme is administered according to the Rules and Regulations relating to the Degree of Bachelor of the Science of Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Peradeniya. Summary of the programme is given in the undergraduate program Brochure. , The Faculty Handbook issued in every year provides full details of the programme in the respective year.  



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