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 ===Student and Staff Management System=== ===Student and Staff Management System===
   *[[https://​|My Details]]   *[[https://​|My Details]]
 +  *[[https://​|Group Administration]]
   *[[https://​|Administration]]   *[[https://​|Administration]]
   ​   ​
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 ===Faculty Archives=== ===Faculty Archives===
-  *[[​archives/​doku.php|Visit Faculty Archives]]+  *[[​doku.php|Visit Faculty Archives]]
 ===Educational Support=== ===Educational Support===
   *[[Videos of Events]]   *[[Videos of Events]]
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   *[[Educational Videos]]   *[[Educational Videos]]
   *[[Videos about University]]   *[[Videos about University]]
-  *[[Useful ​Links]]+  *[[Public Educational ​Links]]
 ===Developments=== ===Developments===
   *[[Developments|Recent Developments]]   *[[Developments|Recent Developments]]