PEFAA Members Corner

Membership Management System is ready

  • PEFAA is happy to announce that a membership management system is in operation. Existing members information is already included in this system .
  • All Members of PEFAA can login and update their personal information so that your contact details are up to date. Also they can view other members’ information.

Faculty Alumni Management

  • PEFAA Membership Management System us a part of the Faculty Alumni Management System. Once you are registered you can view the public details of Alumni and Staff.

To register in Membership Management System

  • Please follow the following steps
    • The above link has a link to Register online
    • If you are a member and if you have not yet registered, please register online while providing information as much as possible. You need an email to register.
    • When you register an email will be sent automatically to you to confirm the email.
    • Upon confirming the email your account will be activated.
    • We will identify your record using the information you provide and link the membership record to the newly created login account (this is a manual process and hence it might take some time).
    • We will inform you when the linking is complete. Then you can add/edit your data and also see others members’ information. You can see contact information of the members who are happy to share them.
    • If you are not a member but if you are an alumni or staff member you are welcome to register so that you can see the members list and also you will receive all news updates about PEFAA and the Faculty.

To become a member

  • register online or
  • or fill the application Download here
  • and send the membership fee (local Rs. 1000 overseas USD100) to Secretary, PEFAA, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. We are hopping to start a payment gate way soon.

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