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 +======Peradeniya Engineering Faculty Archive======
 +Collecting the more than 60 years of history and maintaining it for posterity is an enormous task. Therefore PEFAA have started this website such that all can collaboratively complete their own pages to make the history.
 +Please find/make the relevant pages to you and update them.
 +====Authenticity of information is ensured.====
 +  *The access to pages are granted per page.Please request the permission to edit the pages relevant to you from
 +  *If you need a new page please let us know to create and we will create a page and assign the responsibility of editing of that page to you.
 +  * The pages of this web use symbols (Markups) to format. Use above buttons to do simple formatting. Advance formatting can be easily learned from [[Editing Guide]].
 +  * If you are unable to format just type the text. We will format it.
 +  * If you cant edit on the web site we can create a google document for you to edit or you can send a word document in any language. We will publish it for you.
 +====Editing Guide Lines.====
 +  * Add only correct information and give references as much as possible.
 +  * Attach the reference to the your page if it a document.
 +  * If the reference is another website it would be better to copy the entire website as it would be removed after sometime from the original location.
 +  * Add links to other pages as much as possible.
 +====Procedure of editing information====
 +  *Any one can see the information in this site without login in.
 +  *First the potential authors should register in​newusers ​ as a new user. 
 +  *To register, relevant information should be submitted and automatic email verification link will be sent to ascertain the validity of the new user's email
 +  *When the email link is pressed, the new user's account will be activated allowing to login to database and also to this website. However until new user's information is linked to the record in the college (a manual process and hence may take couple of days), the user's record in the database or in this document cannot be edited.
 +  *The information in the database is automatically displayed in this website. This information can be add/edited only bu editing the database.
 +  *The editor can add/edit this website to include any other information,​ photos and make links to other documents in this website or other websites. ​
 +  *If the editor requires to  make a link to any other website, it is recommended to make a copy of that website as a page in this website because other website may become defunct some day.