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 =====Notices===== =====Notices=====
-===Ceremonial Reopening of the laboratory and main building of the Department of Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering ​===  +===Resilient Complex Electronic Systems ​===  
-  *Date and Time Saturday 17th November 2018 starting at 9.30am.+  *SpeakerProfAlan Purvis 
 +  *Time 1.15 to 2.00 pm, 30 November 
 +  *Venue: DEEE Seminar Room 
 +  *Title: Resilient Complex Electronic Systems
-===PEFAA AGM will be held on 17 November (Saturday) 2018 1.30 PM onwards=== 
-  *Together with the AGM a tree planting program and ceremonial unavailing of synchronized clocks will be done. Please find the following documents. After the AGM a Paduru Party will be held.