How to use Alumni Management System?

This software is developed to store data of everyone associated with the Faculty. They could be present and past students, present and past academic and non academic staff, parents and well wishers.

To start using the software

To use these software, first you have to register as a new user following this link

There are mandatory fields. Non mandatory fields will help us to identify your official record in the Faculty. Therefore please fill other fields as much as possible.

Once registered, you will receive a link to click for confirming your email address. By clicking your record will be activated. Now you can login and view data.

However until your login details are link to your record in the Faculty by the webmaster you cannot edit any data. Since this linking is a manual process it take some time to link and once it is linked, you will receive a mail from the webmaster.

Start using software

Once registered you can login to software by using Login Name and Password you entered during the registration. If you cannot remember you can request to send a password reminder.

Login to

Once login you can always edit your personal data, but editing other data will depend on the permission given to you depending on your role in the Faculty and Alumni groups.

The software has three menus

  • My Details
  • People
  • Groups

My Details

This is the collection of your personal record which only you can edit. Only public information is visible to others. By default, contact details are visible only to Administrators of the database and also to administrators of your group. You can change the options allowing your Group Members or All registered users to see your contact details.

Personal Photos

You can upload as many as personal photos that shows your friends how your appearance change from your childhood. The latest photo uploaded will be your profile photo. You can select any photo in your personal photo collection as your profile photo by clicking Display. This option is true by default and if you do not want to show your photo then untick display option of all photos.


Gives a full list of people in this database Minimal personal data is displayed (photo name, initials, title and birth year) Search option uses full name though it is not displayed.


Use Edit link to see/edit your personal information. Only you can change your personal data

Show Details

Show personal information of other made public by owner.

You can have a profile page in Faculty Wikipedia (private for Alumni) and you can write your profile page as you would like to see for the other Alumni. To visit your Wiki Page click the link in front of your name under the profile page. If it is not created you have to login first before editing. Only you can edit your page.


This software can have many groups and you can be a member of any of these groups. If you are a member you can declare that you are a member of a group. Then your group administrator will see you as a prospective member and add you as a confirmed member provided you have fulfill the membership requirements of each group.