Engineering Consultancy

Consultancy Services – Department of Civil Engineering

  • Design checking of 5 bridges at Eastern Province.
  • Structural appraisal of Railway Iron Bridges: Dehiwala, Angulana, Wellawatta.
  • Preparation of coastal hazard maps for Sri Lanka.
  • Soil testing for building construction.
  • Design checking of bridge substructures.
  • Study on stability of self supporting communication tower at Gongala.
  • Site Inspection & reporting observations on corroded pipes.
  • Investigation of defects on the road surface from Maradankadawala to Jayanthipura.
  • Flue Gas Measurement of Boiler, Generator & Scrubber.
  • Structural design check of buildings.
  • Technical advice on slope protection on sport complex in Digana.
  • Kandy traffic survey.
  • Testing of bitumen samples.
  • Testing of wastewater sample.