NSF Research Award – 2017

PEA Award

CVCD Awards


Presidential Research Bonus

Dr. Shameen Jinadasa
Dr. Nadeeshani Nanayakkara
Prof. J.J. Wijetunge

NRC Merit Award for Scientific Publication

Prof. Ranjith Dissanayake
Dr. (Mrs.) H.K. Nandalal
Prof. J.J. Wijetunge

IESL Best Technical Paper

SD&CC Award to Prof. K. P. P. Pathirana

1st and 2nd Place

  • 1st Place - Mr. Ishanka Wimalaweera and Miss. Wageesha Premarathne for their presentation on “Leachate Treatment using Sequencing Batch Reactor” supervised by Dr. K.B.S.N. Jinadasa
  • 2nd Place - Mr. Imran Ahamedadducedhis for his undergraduate research on “Optimum Shear Strengthening of RC Beams” supervised by Dr. H.D. Yapa

IESL competitions

  • 1st and 2nd place - Spaghetti Bridge
  • 3rd place - High performance concrete

Manamperi Award 2014

Manamperi Award selected project, 2014

The undergraduate engineering project on "Finite Element Simulation of Potential AAR in Victoria Dam" carried out by Mr. C.T. Nung, Mr. D.S.P.M.T. Pathirana and Mr. G.S. Edirisinghe under the supervision of Dr. A.P.N. Somaratne