Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Specialized Services

  • Hydrological modeling of surface & ground water
  • Catchments management & river engineering
  • Water resources systems management and designs
  • Hydraulic equipment testing & calibration
  • Feasibility studies & design of hydro-power, irrigation and water supply systems
  • Feasibility studies, modeling and design of harbors
  • Coastal engineering and Coastal zone management

Research activities

  • Coastal engineering and coastal zone management
  • Wave and harbour processes
  • Wave-structure interaction
  • Tsunami and storm surge hydrodynamic
  • Coastal hazard analysis and assessment
  • Coastal sediment transport and morphological evolution
  • Wave-current boundary layers
  • Flow and sediment dynamics in rivers and channels
  • System dynamics in water resources management
  • Reservoir water quality modeling
  • Flood modeling
  • Application of soft computing techniques in water management
  • Sediment transport with non-uniform sediments
  • Catchment erosion
  • Performance of berm and reef breakwaters
  • Dam safety and Emergency action plan
  • Water/ wastewater treatment
  • Material development for advance water treatment processes
  • Water quality and water safety

Services to the Industry

  • Testing of pumps
  • Calibration of current meters
  • Model tests for ship building
  • Model tests for aerodynamics
  • Discharge measurements in canals, streams and rivers
  • Yield tests in tube wells
  • Consultancy services for water resources projects


Laboratory Telephone number: Mr. N.A.S.C.B Ekanayake - 081 239 3560, 081-2393562