Geotechnical Laboratory

Specialized Services

  • Site investigation & feasibility studies
  • Design of earth structures, foundations
  • Special foundations
  • Slope stabilization
  • Ground improvement techniques
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Model testing
  • Computer aided design and analysis

Laboratory & Field

  • Soil classification and physical tests (Particle size, Atterberg Limits, Specific Gravity, Shrinkage, Insitu density)
  • Shear strength tests: (Direct shear, Triaxial tests (CU,CD,UU))
  • Compressibility & drainage tests: (1D consolidation, compaction, CBR, Permeability)
  • Rock tests: (uniaxial comp./tensile tests, triaxial, LAAV, Absorption, Point load, ultrasonic properties, soundness)
  • Field tests: (Plate load, Vane shear, Static/Dynamic cone Penetration, SPT, Vibration measurements, rock direct shear )
  • Drilling & sampling: (wash boring, rotary drilling, mechanized auger drilling, hollow stem auguring, Soil and Rock sampling using thin walled Piston sampler, Shelby tube, Denison sampler)
  • Geophysical exploration: (resistivity, seismic refraction tests)
  • Field instrumentation & monitoring: (settlement measurements, water level indicators, piezometers, extensometers, GPS instruments)
  • Investigations for landslides, quarries and construction materials

Research activities, “Research”

  • Soil improvement -chemical stabilization
  • Alkali activated Geopolymers as borehole well cement
  • Mechanical integrity of well cement
  • Mechanical method of ground improvement
  • Feasibility of using pozzolanic materials (fly ash, silica fume, etc.) for geotechncial applications
  • Geotechnical characteristics and modelling of municipal solid waste dump sites
  • Shear strength characteristics and degradation of ballast in railroads
  • Use of geomats for reinforcing earth
  • Soil-gas diffusivity measurements and modeling in differently-characterized soils
  • Diffusivity-based characterization of porous media for earth and space-based applications
  • Modeling multiphase transport of multicomponent gases in heterogeneous porous media

Services to the Industry “Services”

  • Laboratory testing of soils and rocks
  • Site investigation
  • Analysis and design of foundations, slopes and retaining structures.
  • Monitoring of slopes
  • Evaluation of proposals
  • Technical assistance for national projects
  • Applicability of washed sand in construction industry: Geotechnical perspectivesojects


Laboratory Telephone number: Mr. A.R.M.C.J.K.Rathnayake / Mr.A.D.G.L.Wijerathne +94 81 239 3510