Civil Engineering Project 1

Course Unit No. : CE 405

Prerequisites : None

Instructions to Students:

After selecting the project titles you must now have met your supervisors and discussed about the projects. Some of you may have already presented the panels your progress during the first two weeks. The Panel Coordinator, the staff member coordinating the presentations and evaluation in your project, and your supervisor will inform you regarding presentation times and venues for the coming ten weeks.

Individual records

As I informed you during the first introductory presentation, you are expected to keep records of your work related to projects work in a CR book and collect photocopies of research articles etc. that you collect under literature survey in a separate file. Please take these with you whenever you meet your supervisors. The supervisors will follow your progress and assess your individual contributions based on these records. The two members of the research group are supposed to keep individual records separately to facilitate individual assessments.

Progress presentations

You will have to present your progress in front of the panel members who will assess your progress presentations about four times during the first ten weeks before a final proposal presentation that will be held in the tenth week.

Work during first ten weeks

You have to develop a research proposal during the first ten-week period. Please note that you are not supposed to carry out the actual research during this period. What you need to complete during this period are;

  • Identify the research objectives and scope
  • Literature survey and literature review
  • Formulate research methodology to realize the objectives in 1 above.
  • Prepare a work schedule, identify resource requirements and prepare a research budget in consultation with your supervisors.
By 10th week you should be ready with a draft research proposal report and present the proposal to the panel. You are supposed to finalize this proposal report by 12th week incorporating comments received from the research panel and the instructions of the supervisor. The revised final proposal will have to be submitted to the respective panel coordinators by the end of 12th week. You are supposed to follow standard technical writing styles and Harvard referencing and citation system in your reports. Await more information on this later.

Assessment of project proposals by the Department

All final research project proposals will be assessed by a broader audience (with the participation of academic staff and industry representatives) on a separate day during the 13th week. All research groups are supposed to make a PowerPoint presentation of the finalized research proposal. The project proposals are assessed as group work under this, to ensure uniformity across the Department.

Work after 10th week

After presenting the final research proposal to the panel, you may start actual carrying out of the project work, as per the work schedule already proposed. This work will continue into the following semester under CE406: Civil Engineering Projects II.

Assessment Scheme

Following assessment scheme will be followed in evaluating your work. Certain components will be assessed individually and certain other components as group work. The percentage breakdown of marks will be as follows;

Continuous Assessment (30 marks)
Individual contribution of the student towards project supervisor 20
Individual assessment based on progress presentations panel 10
Oral Presentations (30 marks)
Final End Semester presentations (10th week) – individual panel 15
Department level evaluation (13th week) – group department 15
Report (40 marks)
Project proposal report – group panel 40

Lectures to guide your work

We have arranged a series of lectures to guide you at different times during the semester. They will be held during Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:00 am and Fridays 1:00 – 2:00 pm. Please keep these time slots free. You will be informed of the lectures through notices. Attendance to these lectures is compulsory.