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    Registration & Tuition Fees for M.Phil./Ph.D.

    (a) Local Students

    PG Degree Programme Tution Fees
    For the minimum duration

    (per annum)

    For the balance period*

    (per term**)

    1. M.Phil. Degree (Full-time) Rs. 50,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
    2. M.Phil. Degree (Part-time) Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 5,000/-
    3. Ph.D. Degree (Full-time) Rs. 50,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
    4. Ph.D. Degree (Part-time) Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 5,000/-

    The requirement for payment of tuition fees may be relaxed on a case-by-case basis based on a request by the applicant together with the recommendation of supervisor(s) and the Head of the Department. The tuition fees may be waived fully or partially also in the case of students who have obtained at least a second class (upper division) honours in their first degree performance, on the recommendation of the Supervisor(s) and Head of the Department.


    *Balance Period, is the period a candidate spends beyond the minimum duration stipulated for a respective degree.

    **Normally, a "term" is considered as duration of 6 months

    For taught courses, the tuition fees are determined by the respective Department of Study.

    Other Fees

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 2000.00 per annum
  • Library Deposit:
    • - Non Refundable: Rs. 1500.00 per annum
      - Refundable: Rs. 2000.00 per annum

    (b) Foreign Students

    For foreign students, the following fees will be charged in addition to the local fee mentioned in (a) above.

    Tuition Fee (per annum)
    SAARC Countries Other Countries
    Full-time USD 2000 USD 3000
    Part-time USD 1500 USD 2000